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Friday, December 23, 2005

Pak squad

The topic of the day, week, month, has been whether Saurav Ganguly will be in the squad for Pakistan or not.

Some say yes, others (Cricinfo) say no.

Even if he is picked, how does SG fit into the whole side? The openers are Sehwag and Gambhir/Jaffer, followed by RD,SRT and VVS. The preferred choice right now for the No. 6 slot is Yuvraj, followed by Pathan at 7 and Dhoni at 8, followed by the three bowlers.

Given Pathan's recent successes with the bat, is it likely that the team management might risk playing him at 6 and MSD at 7, thereby giving it the option of playing an extra seamer? It gives them the option of playing a genuine quick like VRV Singh, or a tight seamer like RP Singh (assuming both are picked).

Both open up interesting possibilities, especially RP Singh,given that Pakistan's batting is most likely to struggle against disciplined swing and seam bowling, like Balaji circa 2004, rather than outright pace or spin.

In this scenario, there is simply no room for SG.

Revert to the earlier scenario, that India does play 2 seamers and 2 spinners, which has Pathan and Dhoni at 7 and 8, that leaves the No.6 slot as the only slot where SG could fit in. But given Yuvraj's recent run of form and scores, it seems very unlikely that SG would be preferred over him.

So, where does SG fit in?


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