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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Darryls, bunnies and feet

That Shane Warne is perhaps not the most intelligent cricketer off the field is well known. But sometimes he does surpass himself in feet-in-mouth plantation...and this time around he says Justin Kemp, who played well with Rudolph to win the draw for SA at WACA, is the new Cullinan..his bunny of old. But hold on...he says maybe Prince can be the new Cullinan!
"He [Cullinan] could have a disguise on because I also think that from what I saw in Perth [Ashwell] Prince could also be a candidate to become a Darryl. It's either Prince or Kemp.

And in continuation of the heart-warming spirit of verbal war simmering between these two teams he also decides to take a dig at Smith
It was pretty hard work for bowlers but there is not a lot of imagination with their captaincy.

"It's been a general trait of all South African captains over the years, especially Smith. That's the way they play. They are very disciplined. They set normal fields and once the ball gets older they have ring field up and just bowl line and length.

While I personally agree with his opinion about the SA style of play (more of discipline than creative imagination) I would still think that at this moment its more of advantage SA...with they having gained more psychological points from a match that not many would have expected them to save.

With Aus batting not exactly firing on all cylinders(and for that matter, the bowling also not looking top notch with McGrath's ordinary showing)...and with Kallis (who, if anyone's forgotten, was the best batsman throughout the last year in terms of results) returning to the side..its still Aus left with all the pre-match thinking to do.


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