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Thursday, January 05, 2006

And then this (-worma)

The Aussies can't seem to do much right off late...after Lee's reprimand comes one for McGrath..this time for using obscene language (probably against his team-mate...in frustration of a dropped catch)
McGrath has been fined four times in his 119-Test career and suspended once.
And this is one record that he would like to erase from that metronomically accurate memory of his(he remembers each international wicket he's taken!)

This on a day when weather interventions almost killed any chances that SA had of winning the match. With a lead of 186 going into the last day, SA can only hope for psychological victories (ahead of the return series in SA couple of months later).

But coming back 0-1 from Australia is still an achievement. Even against the post-Ashes Aussies.


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