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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Aussies and the art of appealing - II

This is probably continuation of Worma's pet peeve;). The second session on day 2 of the Sydney test match sees some more drama, in terms of appeals. First of all, Mark Boucher got a bad one when his attempted sweep was pounced on by Gilchrist, but not before the ball had already hit the ball. Why the umpires failed to check with the third umpire when the decision involved bat, pad, a possible foot or ground and then the keeper's gloves, all in very little time, is strange.
But what was more interesting was the welcome that Pollock received. A leg break from Warne spun enough to miss his bat. There was a noise on the way but the replays were clear enough to show that there was no edge. But Gilchrist, the walker and man of principles went up and the convenient noise meant, the rest of the close-in fielders joined in too. Warne's extended appeal earned him a private talk in public from Bowden. Something that could not be overlooked here is Gilchrist's double standards. A person who doesn't wait for the umpire to give him out doesn't consider it unethical to appeal for something he doesnt deserve, especially when he was in the best position to judge whether there was an edge in this case. Another rap on the pads did not deter Warne from launching yet another appeal. Apparently, the private talk didn't do any good (And admittedly, the shout was for a close one.).
It seems, Brett Lee repeatedly questioned Alee Dar's decisions on day 1. And he may as well receive Chris's broadside this time. Chris Broad has been in the news previously for using the rule book rather too zealously against a select few. Perhaps, he has the chance to make ammends there.

Does all this goes on to show that the South African attempt to bring Aussie appealing into the limelight has paid some dividends? Lee and possibly, Warne could lose out on a portion of their match fee. Maybe, Smith and company may be able to take some meaningful advantage too.


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