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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Happens only in India? (-worma)

Often, through the tour diaries of visiting reporters, we keep reading how they are struck by the similarity of whole atmosphere across the border. It seems that the similarity extends to all aspects...including the chaos at media events, presentation ceremonies etc.
While the sponsors and Shaharyar Khan, the PCB chief, occupied all the seats on the dias, the captains were made to sit in the front row. After all the ritual speeches were made, the organisers announced that the captains would take questions from the media.

The media then requested that the captains be made to sit on the dias, ensuring smooth conduct of the question round. However, the organisers ruled it out, stating that even the dignitaries on the dias would take questions. This proved to be a major inconvenience to both the media as well as the captains. Only a couple of questions were asked, for which the response was hardly audible.
Apparently Dravid wasn't amused..and understandably so.
Dravid, who was already peeved at the inefficiency and chaos which marked the evening, quietly walked out without informing anyone.


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