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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Pak fluffing chances fast(-worma)

A clearly missed stumping of Bell (who had almost started the walk back to pavilion), a sitter dropped off KP...Kaneria warned twice for walking on danger area(I briefly heard something to that effect, someone can confirm?)...and a growing steady partnership between the two overnight batsmen. Pakistan seem to be squandering their chances fast.

Eng, if they can play steady for the whole day, can atleast look forward to salvage a draw out of this. And that would be a big psychological edge for them, going into the next game. But I speak too soon. A lot of cricket left in the match.

Also heard David Lloyd opine during the lunch breake that England might give away the practice of hurtling balls at the batsman, they won't want to be remembered for that. Not sure, but good if that happens. Meanwhile I would still want our team management to err on the side of caution and have a chat with Fletcher and co. when they come touring.

Anyway....this sort of open thread for now....chat away...Eng match...Indian match preview...or anything else cricket-ish.


  • Worma, Kaneria is still bowling...another warning and he"ll be off for the innings.

    But that zing with which he bowled when play started today is clearly missing. He is clearly affected by the calling. He just bolwed round the wicket to KP and got smacked for a six.

    By Blogger Dark Nights, at 03:07  

  • Is the 3rd ODI @ Chennai still in? Thought it has been rained out...

    Dark Nights, can you confirm, please?

    By Blogger Vish Desai, at 03:10  

  • any official word from chennai ?

    By Blogger GK, at 03:13  

  • dark nights: thx...updated that part in the post...

    and yeah..saw some highlights of the morning session..he was bowling really well.

    By Blogger worma, at 03:14  

  • the news from the center is that SA have won the toss and elected to swim..

    By Blogger idli vade, at 03:15  

  • Also Bob Willis explanation of why Ian Bell is justified in not getting punished by the match refreree was utterly ridiculous.

    It is clearly a case of double standards. I agree that Afridi's act was one of vandalism, comparable to terrorism in cricketing terms,and deserves the punishment; but if Rashid Latif was banned for the same offense, then so should have been Ian Bell.

    But this is hardly something new. We have seen decisions being made based on the colour of the cricketer in question. Willis tried to project as if poor boy Bell himself wasnt sure whather he had taken a legitimate catch, which again is rubbish.

    I also dont think that England will stop hurling the ball at the batters. Not that it matters though. After being enlightened by this incident, chances are slim that any more similar goof- ups are going to be commited by the 3rd umpires.

    By Blogger Dark Nights, at 03:15  

  • the news from the center is that SA have won the toss and elected to swim..

    By Blogger idli vade, at 03:16  

  • From Cricinfo:

    Bleak chance of play at Chennai

    Cricinfo staff

    November 22, 2005

    11.50 am There has been intermittent rain through the night, and the weather this morning is overcast with almost no sunshine. There are wet patches on the outfield at the MA Chidambaram Stadium and even if the weather should improve dramatically, the possibility of play starting on time is remote.

    © Cricinfo

    By Blogger Dark Nights, at 03:17  

  • pietersen pulls rana for six to get to his hundred

    By Blogger Jiet, at 03:18  

  • and then pulls straight to midon

    By Blogger Jiet, at 03:18  

  • Dravid is the Test captain too. Just announced. Guesses on the team composition? To be announced on Wednesday.

    My two-bits:
    1. Sehwag
    2. Gambhir
    3. Dravid (c)
    4. Sachin
    5. Kaif
    6. Yuvraj
    7. Venugopal Rao (Laxman may just miss out!)
    8. Dhoni (Karthik may just miss out!)
    9. Irfan
    10. Agarkar
    11. Zaheer (RP Singh may just miss out!)
    12. Kumble
    13. Harbhajan
    14. Murali Kartik

    By Blogger JAGS, at 03:19  

  • damn...I really jinx that guy....never gonna post about him again

    By Blogger Jiet, at 03:19  

  • Pietersen gets 2nd test 100 by pulling Shoaib over the square leg boundary for a six...I was just thinking how costly the kaneria miss would be...next ball...another short one from Shoaib..Pietersen tries to pull again...too quick..spooned to mid on.

    Pietersen departs for an even 100.

    By Blogger Dark Nights, at 03:19  

  • dark nights...that Kaneria miss is already cost them not only runs but a lost initiative....now Eng is on the way back....although one more wkt and Pak can still top it

    By Blogger worma, at 03:23  

  • Shoaib earns himself a ban after dismissing Pietersen; gets a little excited seeing the back of Kev.

    By Blogger Jiet, at 03:23  

  • what ban?

    By Blogger worma, at 03:24  

  • pietersen throws it just when he shud have cashed in ... very good inns tho

    By Blogger GK, at 03:25  

  • worma, I am overreacting. ;)

    Shoaib got carried away with his celebrations after Pietersen's wciket.
    He prolly will get fined his entire mathc fee now.

    By Blogger Jiet, at 03:26  

  • Appareantly Murali Karthik is a better swimmer than a spinner.
    Very good opprtounity for him to show his talent infront of his home crowd

    By Blogger idli vade, at 03:27  

  • @Worma...yes as the partnership unnecessarily stretched on. Also Bell is still there.

    Well, Ian Botham is already talking about a Shoaib ban. i dont support that at all. Cmon a bowler is bowling at 90 + miles...He just gesticulated ..it wasnt anything onscene...no foul mouthing either...again double stnadards..when Glenn Mcgrath does it..or andre Nel...its aggression...here they conveniently brand it as dissent.

    I saw nothing wrong in Shoaib's celebration though.

    By Blogger Dark Nights, at 03:28  

  • yeah on that topic very surprised that gautam gambhir wasnt fined or suspended for being abused by nel

    By Blogger GK, at 03:28  

  • gk

    fine line between genius and stupidity. He was prolly expecting a shorter pitch ball again and even shuffled across to be in good position. This one though was directed outside off, not there for the pull.

    By Blogger Jiet, at 03:29  

  • yes jiet, twas an excllent partnership tho - kept england in with a chance

    By Blogger GK, at 03:30  

  • dark nights: anyway doesn't matter if he's fined the match fee. But how can Botham suggest a match ban for gesturing, I don't understand?

    By Blogger worma, at 03:30  

  • update from chennai?.. Toss?

    By Blogger Bala Murali, at 03:31  

  • Shoaib was acting like schoolboy...he just got fined, if he gets a ban he deserves it. He also just appealed for an lbw that was obviously not out. Nobody is gonna cry about that.

    By Blogger Jiet, at 03:31  

  • Great article:


    By Blogger Dark Nights, at 03:31  

  • are the getting carried away with Afridi ban? I'm still surprised that Bell wasn't hauled up. Anyway watching the replay please notice his reaction....he's clearly not sure....looking as if expecting to be referred to third ump

    By Blogger worma, at 03:32  

  • SA won the toss and elected to SWIM first

    By Blogger idli vade, at 03:32  

  • Flintoff gone!! Bowled

    By Blogger losing now, at 03:37  

  • Worma,

    Botahm was like " Celebration..oh maybe a bit too much.."match referee will be watching and stuff

    Now im not being deliberately English bashing and all that, but having heard Ian Botham for many years...it is no clandestine fact that he cannot hide his bias at times.

    Anyway...I hope the match referee doesnt do anything to shoaib..he's giving it his everything on this lifeless pitch....halfway thru the day...Pakistan desperately looking for that breakthrough...

    Sexy bowling...Flintoff bowled!!!!

    By Blogger Dark Nights, at 03:37  

  • Shoaib on fire at Faisalabad.

    By Blogger Dark Nights, at 03:38  

  • no bias???

    people going on and on about how horrible the English are because their strike bowler after bowling 20 odd overs tries to keep the batsman in his crease. He was bowling on the same lifeless pitch but he is not allowed to get charged up??

    By Blogger Jiet, at 03:41  

  • dark nights: Akhtar doesn't live on his match fees anyway ;-)

    But he's bowling dangerously well...its not very good news for India....our top order needs to be in prime form by the time they play Pak

    By Blogger worma, at 03:41  

  • Match delayed .. says CI

    By Blogger losing now, at 03:41  


    By Blogger losing now, at 03:43  

  • jiet: was Harmison really trying to keep the batsman in the crease? Throughout the summer? In that case, when Martyn 'flicked' one such throw, he should've been given out obstructing the fielder/fielding, no? Was Inzy attempting a run...did you watch...that guy doesnt even attempt a run if the ball reaches mid-on...and this was back to bowler only!

    I am not defending Akhtar or bashing English.....Akhtar may be beyond the line...fine him...and I didnt watch Nel as some are discussing....so cant comment there either. But please do not defend Harmison's case by calling it English bashing.

    By Blogger worma, at 03:44  

  • reverse swing!!

    By Blogger losing now, at 03:46  

  • Worma,

    good point...but I still think this is English bashing.

    Our bowlers do this too. There are no rules against this. And if you think that this is out of the norm, I am sorry you are mistaken.

    By Blogger Jiet, at 03:50  

  • Another dropped catch.

    jiet, there is a difference. i never said Harmison is wrong in throwing the ball...I just said that it dont think that incident wouldnt be a deterrent to them throwing the ball...if anything..it could be an incentive.

    You have your own take mate...to me Shaoib's celebration was nothing wrong....I have seen worse reacrtions may times over by bowlers after dismissing batsmen...and he didnt say anything to the batsman...well if it irked Ian Botham..too bad.

    By Blogger Dark Nights, at 03:50  

  • ok jiet,
    i can understand harmygetting pissed off and hurling the ball back. completely normal for someone who has to run a mile to bowl and then not get wickets. but then to appeal and further for the idiot sitting in the box to give him out thanks to complete ignorance of the rules is appalling to say the least. also this is something, if done against the poms will be seen as boorish and in poor sporting spirit. can u even imagine what the poms would have done had shoaib got tresco out like that?

    By Blogger K-Slice, at 03:52  

  • http://www.theage.com.au/news/cricket/it-was-20-years-ago-today/2005/11/21/1132421604089.html?page=fullpage#contentSwap2

    By Blogger galli_cricket, at 03:55  

  • dark nights... agree on that.

    But if the rule is applied then Shoaib should be pulled up.

    These are the relevant bits from the ICC code of conduct.

    2.9 Using language that is obscene, offensive or of a seriously insultinh nature to another Player...(...In this instance language is interpreted to include gestures as well)

    By Blogger Jiet, at 03:55  

  • update from cricbuzz:

    Update 8:45 GMT (2:25 PM IST): The news is not very good from the center, the covers are still on and the super-soakers are in action removing the water from the covers. The outfield is extremely soggy and according to the groundsmen it will take atleast 3 to 4 hours to make the outfield playable. This is provided there are no further showers. Even a single downpour might be enough for the umpires to call off the game. However, the silver-lining is that the match can even start at 8:00 PM IST and we can have an entertaining Twenty20 game.

    By Blogger Bala Murali, at 03:55  

  • jiet: I repeat some of what I said yesterday, and also what Agnew wrote - This is not an English invention, we all know that. Often fast bowlers do that as a show of aggression...but while in the past a bowler in Harmison's position would have made a mock attempt to throw (which has the same effect, mind you. The batsman, if outside the crease, would anyway step back in) the English seemed to have made a habit of not mocking but actually throwing the ball.

    Do note that the Australian, while frustrated by this tactic, were a different kettle of fish. They did not expose their stumps when such a throw came in. Hayden took a body blow. Martyn (probably after a team discussion about this tactic) decided to flick one such throw to the boundary(yes it went for 4 :-) and gestured to the bowler after that!).

    Also note....that the bowler knows that the batsman is often out of the crease by a single step...and by the time he collects and throws...there is no legitimate way he can get him out (not even a slow mover like Inzy). Its a different case with a forward short-leg or silly point. They 'beat' the reaction time of batsman. Bowler cant.

    By Blogger worma, at 03:55  

  • k-slice,

    Worma has already made the point about this debate. When you play spinners yopu invaraibly step out of th crease and the fielder at short leg attempts a run out. This is simply discrimination agianst fast bowlers

    By Blogger Jiet, at 03:57  

  • jiet: also note that what I said is somewhat the feeling of Jonathan Agnew....and today heard same from David Lloyd...that Eng should give up this practice. We may call Aus case that of cribbing on losing....but Pak is different. I am sure Eng would be as much ashamed of getting that wicket as Pak of the Afridi incident. Ofcourse Vaughan wasn't to blame at that point of time because he may not have known the full details (e.g was Inzy out of crease already or not)

    By Blogger worma, at 03:58  

  • Dravid made the captain of test team... does it mean the end of the road for SG... ill be tooooooooo glad... :p... ur comments plzz...

    By Blogger zacked, at 03:58  

  • worma...just read you post...again you are making good points.

    But whethere or not Hamry's throw beats Inzi is a moot point. That means bowlers should exercise discretion which has nothing to do with rules.

    By Blogger Jiet, at 03:59  

  • Afridi, for what he did, should have gotten a much bigger ban. Probably more on the lines of 5 test, 10 odi ban. This 1 test match ban is clearly showing how wimpy the ICC is.

    Stop complaining about Bell. Constructing arguments the way you guys are.. we should start banning every guy who appeals when the batsman is clearly not out. What next ? a ban on each batsman who doesnt walk!!

    Also stop talking of the supposed bias to subcontinent players. Remember, its a sub-continent referee in the series.

    Cricket is a "mans" game. All this banning for over-aggressiveness makes it sissy. As long as it is not physical, it does no harm, and makes it fun/exciting for the end user.

    One final thought : Given that there are several chuckers playing intl cricket, a severe fine for each cricket board that doesnt filter out such ppl is warranted.

    By Blogger teZasvi, at 03:59  

  • jiet: ofcourse this has nothing to do with 'rules'. Which is why we are having a debate instead of match-referee hauling Harmison!

    Same as bodyline is within the rules....and same as disallowing a runner to an injured(during the match) player is within the rules.

    By Blogger worma, at 04:01  

  • dravid made captain is the best news to have come out of chennai for the last so many hours ...

    By Blogger GK, at 04:01  

  • worma :)

    By Blogger Jiet, at 04:02  

  • jiet,
    not neccesarily. when you play a spinner, you can surely play him with one foot planted behind the crease. even when you are on the front foot. if you decide to waltz down to a spinner, play the ball down at the last minute and get run out then thats your fault. with a fast bowler though a batter,l if he comes down the track and gets run out thanks to a throw from a bowler then too bad. but to pick up and throw when a batter is not thinking of running, nor has he come down the track to attack the bowler is a little retarded imo. we can surely agree to disagree and move on.

    By Blogger K-Slice, at 04:02  

  • jiet, similarly a bowler can run out a batsmenat the runners end as well aka kapil dev style. i guess there are some things most players diont do. i feel throwing the ball at a batter should be one of them.

    By Blogger K-Slice, at 04:04  

  • I agree with jiet and worma about the Inzamam episode. He has no business getting out of the crease. If he wants to stand out of the crease to make the bowler alter his length, he has to be ready to face such things. Works exactly as jiet noted - coming down to get to the pitch of a spinners ball.

    By Blogger teZasvi, at 04:04  

  • k-slice

    fair enough...

    I suppose I am the kind of pr*ck that would attempt to throw down the stumps when Inzi is on 100+ and getting on my nerves.

    By Blogger Jiet, at 04:04  

  • jiet
    hahahahah. i agree. i would to. till i got that there are a few hundred pricks arguing if i should have or should not have dont it!!

    By Blogger K-Slice, at 04:06  

  • SKY has such morons...noone more that Charles Coleville.

    Lunchtime questions for David LLoyd...how are the papers in Pakistan responding to the Afridi incident?

    Lloyd: Not much mention.

    then Coleville whetted his knife. "

    Ahh and they must have written lots on that Inzamam dismissal?"


    LLoyd put cold water on that enthu of Coleville .

    I mean people like Willis are a joke. Coleville is an established joker. I like Sky's endeavor to bring cricket to viewers. But they have lots to learn from Channel 9. people like Bill Lawry are big oz fans. But manage to hide their emotions most of the time. Sometimes they give the impression of being partisan by 'naked' analysis , but by and large, I think they are very good....much better than most of these guys in Sky.

    SKy would do better to kick out Willis and bring in Atherton.

    By Blogger Dark Nights, at 04:06  

  • jiet...not to carry this forward...but just want to make this point...since I havent made it clearly I think, yet....that a bowler throwing in such a way is hoping for the batsman to fear for his body....and that, in my opinion, is not fair (same argument as bodyline, in some aspects, dont you think?)

    Which is why Aussies were different...they took the blow and cribbed. Inzy avoided the blow and paid the price.

    By Blogger worma, at 04:08  

  • Worma...stop backing me into a corner mate ;)

    Seriously though they are good point you make. A touch idealistic though. If teams reach an agreement on it then great (yout idea) otherwise you know if people want it to be war then...

    By Blogger Jiet, at 04:12  

  • Stephen Brenkley of the Independent sums up preety well:

    "Their run-out of Inzamam in the morning had observed the letter of the law but teased its spirit. It also had the potential to reignite previous feuds between these sides concerning ball-tampering and arguing with umpires. Maybe the players should read not only the "Spirit" but also some recent history.

    Pakistan's captain had made a delightful 109 from 200 balls, never hurrying, never needing to. He looked set for another month or two when he played a delivery from Stephen Harmison back down the pitch.

    Lately, England's bowlers have made a custom of picking up such trifles and hurling them towards the wicketkeeper - witness the hoo-ha last summer involving the Australian opener Matthew Hayden, who made a dreadful fuss, poor lamb. Bowlers would say that it keeps the batsman honest. It is also vaguely intimidatory.

    It would be pushing it to suggest that Inzamam has never moved so fast, but in avoiding the throw it was difficult to be sure if that was dust behind him or a slipstream. Darrell Hair, the square leg umpire, abrogated his responsibility by referring it to the third umpire Nadeen Ghouri.

    After looking at the replay, Inzamam, who had been in his crease, was given out because he lifted his right foot off the ground as Harmison's throw hit the leg stump. Ghouri delivered his judgement based solely on the position of Inzamam's foot. Hair and his colleague Simon Taufel must have felt the batsman had not left his ground "to avoid injury" as law 38 (2) (a) allows but because he fancied what would pass for high-jump practice in Inzy's gym regime."

    By Blogger Dark Nights, at 04:14  

  • Worma...perhaps I am not being clear now.

    What I am saying is ideally this pracitce would end tomorrow, but in the heat of battle things happen. I don't know if we can completely eradicate it.

    But if you mean the practice should stop then it comes down to teams reaching an informal agreement (as you proposed)

    By Blogger Jiet, at 04:16  

  • jiet LOL :-)..no such intention....this is probably the last time I touch this topic...so wanted to mention all that I had in mind.

    And yes, agreed, its idealistic. So if Indian and England can agree about this before the series, fine. If they can't...I would hope all Indian batsman are prepared for it...and hold their ground (like Martyn did). I'll even ask Prem if he can write to some members of the team and warn them about this ;-)

    By Blogger worma, at 04:16  

  • The whole culprit of yesterday's Inzamam incident was no one but Darell hair.....from the Independent:

    "Inzamam, whose back foot had never left the crease, moved sideways to get out of the way and the ball broke the wicket while his right boot was fractionally off the ground. Hair wrongly - a batsman should be given not out if he is in his crease and leaves it to avoid injury - asked Nadeem Ghouri, the third umpire, to make the line call and he had no option but to give Inzamam out."

    So here is a question, by asking the 3rd umpire to do only what you are asking him to do..you are IMO limiting the fairness of the decision...arent u? in this case, it might have been that Ghouri was also ignorant of the law, which would have been unfortunate. But if the 3rd umpire was aware of the law..allowing a dialogue between the on field umpires and him would have surely averted the above situation.

    By Blogger Dark Nights, at 04:31  

  • Is it just me getting the sneaking suspicion that England are going to pull off something special in this match by taking a first innings lead, bowling Pakistan out cheaply and chasing the total?

    By Blogger Sahir, at 04:34  

  • Bell gone!

    By Blogger Sahir, at 04:36  

  • Afridi does the trick

    By Blogger Sahir, at 04:37  

  • I think its a smart move to bowl Kaneria from Taufel's end after Hair has warned him twice.

    But by pitching outside off, hes taking away the lbw via the leg break..now hes round the wicket...and that takes away the lbw almost completely.

    Afridi strikes..Bell's good innings over...caught behind.

    By Blogger Dark Nights, at 04:37  

  • Will Inzi bring back Shoaib to bowl a few short ones to Giles?

    By Blogger Sahir, at 04:37  

  • 6 down Sahir.. and the pitch not doing anything.. despite afridis attempts to play groundsman ysterday... dunn if the poms can wing it

    By Blogger galli_cricket, at 04:41  

  • Giles seems completely clueless against Afridi

    By Blogger Sahir, at 04:46  

  • Its 4 appeals an over at the moment-- none of them out, mind you.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 04:47  

  • sahir,

    possible. For that England will have to bowl pakistan really cheaply. it could involve good bowling , shoddy batting or both. But if that happens, they will still need someone to do a Thorpe in a tricky 4th innings chase....and irrespective of how much they are gonna chase...its gonna be difficult...the pitch still hasnt crumbled...but u never know how it"ll be on day 5.

    33 overs remain for the day + 2 days...I think we will have a result. With England trailing by 131 runs with 4 wickets in hand, I wouldnt put my money on England though.

    By Blogger Dark Nights, at 04:49  

  • Wouldn't it be a good idea to bring back Shoaib for a 2 over burst just prior to tea?

    By Blogger Sahir, at 04:49  

  • No real point in Danish bowling round the wicket; bring on Akhtar or Rana for a quick birst prior to tea.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 04:57  

  • dark nights,

    assuming the poms fall 50 odd runs short of the pakis...On current form, and the fact that the pitch is not doing much, it will be difficult for the poms to bowl out the pakis and then leave themselves enough time to bat to a victory

    By Blogger galli_cricket, at 04:57  

  • shoaib will surely be back after tea. Inzamam prolly wants tea badly. :)
    Pakistan kind of let the game drift after the Flintoff dismissal and the Bell dismissal was more a fault of the batsman than an inspired bowling change.

    Inzamam apparently has a tons of faith in Kaneria. kaneria is a rythem bowler ...and his rythem has clearly been disrupted by not being allowed to bowl from close to the stumps.

    By Blogger Dark Nights, at 04:58  

  • @galli cricket: exactly. I think England could have really made Pakistan pay if IB and KP went on to make really big 100s and then AF chipped in and then bowling late on Day 4 and day 5. I dont see such a scenario now.

    Rana into the attack. Clearly Shoaib is being saved after tea.

    By Blogger Dark Nights, at 05:01  

  • Rana getting it to reverse now

    By Blogger Sahir, at 05:02  

  • on the other hand, what can hppen is that if the poms fold quickly, pakistan can press for quick runs and with a 350 run lead, declare in the final session tommorrow.. target chasable and the pakis will have enough time to bowl out the poms..

    or vaughan is brave enuf or foolish enuf to declare with an hours play to go today and prise out a couple of wickets before close. meaning the poms bat another half hour after tea..ten we have game on

    By Blogger galli_cricket, at 05:05  

  • our game abondoned

    By Blogger Pankaj Tripathi, at 05:09  

  • galli cricket,
    Those declaration possibilities are more impossibilities. Inzi will never declare without completely eliminating any chance of England winning (i.e 400 off the last day). As far as Vaughn declaring, maybe against Waugh if you were pretty sure he would declare in his 2nd innings in order to force a result. That said, I think there is plenty of time left in the match and more than enough firepower in the bowling lineups, there will be a result in this game without declarations. My guess is England will be chasing around 250 on the last day-- that would be really entertaining.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 05:10  

  • http://content-usa.cricinfo.com/ci/content/story/226768.html

    Dravid test captain.

    ""It's time for us to look ahead," Kiran More, chairman of the selection panel, told reporters after the meeting. "Rahul [Dravid] has done wonderfully well for us whenever given the opportunity including in Pakistan last year. Given how well he has done recently [as captain in the ODIs] it is important that he be given the opportunity [in Tests]."

    Gambhir interview:


    Sunil Gavaskar's take on the 2nd ODI:


    Greame Smith:

    By Blogger Dark Nights, at 05:11  

  • thanks for the links dark nights.

    By Blogger galli_cricket, at 05:15  

  • English women 56/5 after bowling India out for 289. And damage done by pace there as well!

    By Blogger worma, at 05:17  

  • Sky boys analyzing Ganguly..funny to hear Willis saying that he underacheived as a test captain...hes clearly analyzing India's test record in general and not Ganguly's wrt his predecessors.

    Verdict: "Chappell has won his war with Ganguly. "
    , which indeed he has....whatever ..if it takes indian cricket forward.

    By Blogger Dark Nights, at 05:28  

  • dark nights: listening to English critics analyze SG!...he might as well ask Chappel to do it :-)

    By Blogger worma, at 05:31  

  • lol dark...

    By Blogger galli_cricket, at 05:35  

  • Bob Willis saying India has underperformed in Test cricket?? We're ranked 3 in the world in Test cricket and if Englad don't watch out, we're going to be 2 pretty soon. It's ODI cricket that has gone poorly for the past year and a half. And Willis pretty much put Ganguly's most successful Indian captain tag down to beating Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. Unlike England, we haven't played the minnows that much. We have only played 2 tests each against Zimbabwe and Bangladesh in recent times-- all away. Even if you remove Zimbabwe and Bangladesh from Gagnuly's captaincy record, he would still be the most successful captain, with a winning record. Willis needs to get his facts straight before opening that trap of his.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 05:41  

  • Ganguly and Chappel have reached an agreement.

    In a hush-hush meeting th two discussed the future of Indian cricket and the role SG will play in it. Apparently, Chappel acknowledges that Ganguly is a player that puts fear in the hearts of fast bowlers all around the world. "The likes of Michael Holding and Andy Roberts would not have enjoyed bowling to him", said Chappel along side a beaming Ganguly.

    However, Chappell feels that Ganguly should be held back so that the opposition slips into a fals sense of security. This will help India in their quest to win the WC.

    "Imagine Brett Lee, who has admitted having nighmares of Ganguly hooking him over fine leg, seeing Ganguly return to the Indian team after India wins the WC2007 - he will be demoralized"

    And so it seems that Ganguly will have to wait for his chance - until after this WC

    By Blogger Jiet, at 05:43  

  • Akhtar bowling some furious yorkers and Giles up to the challenge. If Pakistan could get Sami into form, the bowling attack could be absolutely lethal with Akhtar, Rana, Sami, Kaneria and Afridi all firing.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 05:43  

  • rofl jiet... we could all do with more scoops like these :)

    By Blogger galli_cricket, at 05:45  

  • What a yorker-- 94 mph spearing into legstump and somehow Giles manages to get the feet out of the way and get his bat down. Excellent stuff to watch.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 05:45  

  • @worma and sahir- Now you see why I dont like commentators like Willis.

    meanwhile, Jones quietly moves on to a well played 50. England closing the gap in. 92 behind now.

    By Blogger Dark Nights, at 05:49  

  • dark: yeah some of them are ignorant for sure. Haven't heard much of Willis...just briefly during lunch break today. Anyway Lloyd did the talking then.

    By Blogger worma, at 05:52  

  • Giles is an excellent batter against searing 90 + miles toe crushing yorkers..clearly England erred in not picking him as a batsman for the 93 series against Pakistan when the 2 W's were firing.

    By Blogger Dark Nights, at 05:52  

  • Gotta say-- isn't it incredible that Shoaib has not lost any pace despite now being on the wrong side of 30?

    By Blogger Sahir, at 05:52  

  • Willis belongs in an old folks home. I mean the guy sounds geriatric.

    By Blogger Jiet, at 05:52  

  • Pak slip fielding is shoddy...in fact pathetic

    By Blogger worma, at 05:52  

  • worma,
    Always has been pathetic. You reckon part of it has to do with most domestic pace bowlers going for lbws and bowled a liitle too often, as opposed to keeping it in the channel outside off, and thereby, not as much practice or emphasis placed on slip fielding?

    By Blogger Sahir, at 05:55  

  • Akthar longevity may have something to do with the fact that he has only played so many Tests. They tend to be a lot more taxing than ODIs anyway.

    By Blogger Jiet, at 05:56  

  • cutie in the crowd...hmm Faisalabad might be worth visiting

    By Blogger Jiet, at 05:58  

  • sahir: but they're pathetic against spin as well :-) Looked at the Yousuf miss this morning...and now read Younis missed one as well. They dont even have an idea of the right position. And Yousuf wasn't even a specialist slip fielder. Kept there to protect his shoulder! Yeah right..portect the shoulder and lose the match.

    I don't know about the reason..probably one of them is what you said....now enough outswing bowlers maybe.

    By Blogger worma, at 06:00  

  • Worma, where do u think this Test match is going?

    Sahir, our frnd buggerlugs in SS has unearthed that India SA link..its showing Eng Pak now ...what do think about this latest SS move...something like "Ok we made our money thru this new site..unlikely to get anymore users...lets offer some freebies to the starved people" ?

    By Blogger Dark Nights, at 06:01  

  • Waqar makes the point that Shoaib's slower one is not well diguised - because it is so much slower than his regular speed, the batsman adjust well

    By Blogger Jiet, at 06:03  

  • dark nights,
    very shady people; they screw us over and then bitch and moan as to why we complain and don't thank them for it. But we're the addicts and they're the dealer :(

    By Blogger Sahir, at 06:05  

  • dark: Very difficult to get a result in this one now. Esp Pak victory. Since with an under 50 lead...Pak would have to bat for atleast a 300 lead and declare...cant see that happening tomorrow...and cant see them bowling out Eng in less than a day.

    Eng has a *slightly* higher chance of wrapping Pak tomorrow for under 200 and looking to chase that 250+ in a bit more than a day.

    So...mainly a draw...but Eng having the slight upper hand now, and mainly because of ineffectivity of Kaneria.

    By Blogger worma, at 06:07  

  • Worma..

    Kaneria has always been a better bowler in the 2nd innings... but i am with you.. odds on for a draw..

    By Blogger galli_cricket, at 06:12  

  • worma,
    I agree; as I posted earlier, I think England will actually manage to win this one. Get Pakistan out for 150-200 in the second innings and chase the total.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 06:13  

  • No let up from the Pakistani bowlers-- Sami on bowling 93 mph yorkers now

    By Blogger Sahir, at 06:15  

  • I think this match will be finally remebered for the umpires" goofing" up and the Afridi "jig"

    By Blogger laks1234, at 06:16  

  • galli: Kaneria seems to have been affected by the warnings.

    sahir: win is a bit away yet. But yes, possible.

    By Blogger worma, at 06:17  

  • do the warnings carry over between innings? is it 3 warnings in an innings or in a match?

    By Blogger galli_cricket, at 06:19  

  • England have clearly won this session with that partnership..Pakistan probably thought that Shoaib would do the job...and now that he couldnt do it...thanks to some stoical batting from G and J, they dont seem to have a plan B.

    16 overs still possible in the day...but with the light deteriorating, I dont think that many will be bowled.

    By Blogger Dark Nights, at 06:19  

  • afridi's golden arm workd again...Jones gone lbw.

    By Blogger Dark Nights, at 06:21  

  • and afridi strikes...

    By Blogger galli_cricket, at 06:23  

  • dark.. dont think they ever got the quota of overs complete on any of the playing days at faisalabad... givn that, and noearly starts as at other venues, wemay not get 450 overs bowled in the match..

    By Blogger galli_cricket, at 06:24  

  • here is rainink of the top 10 commentators
    1.Ritchie Benaud - Solid Cricket knowledge
    2.Ian Chappel - Explosive and no holds barred
    3.Michael Holding - Balanced
    4.Mark Nicholas - Excellent diction and supurb choice of words
    5.David "Bumble"Llyod and Sanjay Manjrekar - What a pair for sheer humour and joy of the sport
    7.Bob Willis - Cricket world's greatest cynic
    8.Ian Healy - Excellent current input on what goes on
    9.Tony Cozier - How can be westindian cricket commentary without him!!
    10.Ian Smith - Cannot think of any other sports commentator who olds his ground in 2 of the greatest sports!!

    Anyone interested to comment?

    By Blogger laks1234, at 06:25  

  • Useless list without Geoff Boycott

    By Blogger Jiet, at 06:27  

  • Ranked them in order of merit

    By Blogger laks1234, at 06:27  

  • Jiet - Bycos to me is a good one to hear onc.afterwords, he is repetitive and too one dimensional

    By Blogger laks1234, at 06:29  

  • laks...hmmm. Whatever floats your boat

    By Blogger Jiet, at 06:31  

  • Benaud,Boycott,Artherton,Nicholas,Bhogle,Chappell,Hussain,Lawry,Holding,Cozier,

    By Blogger galli_cricket, at 06:31  

  • Grieg,Jackman and Healy ( Mark Taylor for captaincy insights)

    By Blogger galli_cricket, at 06:34  

  • My worst 10 cricket commentators

    1.Sidhu - Horror behind the mike,noisy and weird sense of humour
    2.Gavaskar and Ranjit Fernando - The most boring set of commentators guaranteed to put any insomaniac to sleep
    4.Tony Greig - Always a false start, shoots his mouth before he thinks
    5-10.All south african commentators - The most idiotic set one can come across

    By Blogger laks1234, at 06:35  

  • gavaskar is nit that bad laks.. gavaskar can be pretty insightful when he is inthe mood.

    By Blogger galli_cricket, at 06:36  

  • Yes, Nasser is worth a serious look at the top 10..

    By Blogger laks1234, at 06:36  

  • gavaskar is "teacherly" in approach and oflate extremely boring because he wants to be goody goody to everyone..That is being too clever

    By Blogger laks1234, at 06:38  

  • what about Bhogle? My fav is Lawry.."its all happening at the MCG"..

    By Blogger galli_cricket, at 06:43  

  • Bhogle - to me is not a commentator.He distracts me constantly with his tirade which to me is blasphemy.In tamil, we call such people as "Vaathu Vayan"..Like constant qwaking off a duck!!

    By Blogger laks1234, at 06:50  

  • Lawry of course id good but my list is "Top10"

    By Blogger laks1234, at 06:51  

  • talking of commentator?..have seen this?

    By Blogger worma, at 07:24  

  • sure have worma..
    maybe we can start a thread on this... :)

    By Blogger galli_cricket, at 07:44  

  • galli: actually I don't have much of an opinion on this one. I don't rate them...actually I just absorb the sense and filter out the junk...and also the verbal excess part. So personally, I don't judge them instinctively. For me Shastry, Sunny, Sanjay, Harsha, even Arun make as much sense as Greig, Atherton, Hussain, Boycs etc. None of them is always insightful....they all ramble at times. Ofcourse I discount the fact that the Indians are not speaking in their natural language so tend to repeat pet words and phrases.

    Maybe Prem can express his thoughts on this...and start a discussion. What do you say?

    By Blogger worma, at 07:57  

  • I don't necessarily rate commentators on the quality of their prose, but rather on their ability to read a game and concisely describe it to the viewer. This really is where Benaud is a master. The only commentators that I feel contribute absolutely nothing to the game, as far as any sort of insightful comment is concerned, are Arun Lal and Maninder Singh. I highly question these guys understanding of the game every time I hear them-- most of the time many of their comments are not just stupid, but simply wrong. The less said about Kris Srikkanth and Charu Sharma, the better.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 09:39  

  • www.chappellway.com

    is the official coaching website of GC and Frazer.

    i am not sure how many of you knew this, so this post

    By Blogger krishkannan, at 09:53  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger worma, at 10:01  

  • sahir: good method, but I find sense in Arun Lal sometimes...often he gets carried away beyond that point, and then my ears tune off ;-)

    By Blogger worma, at 10:02  

  • Good analysis :

    Ian Chappell.
    Mark Nicholas.
    Geoff Boycott.
    Robin Jackman.
    Michael Slater.
    Harsha Bhogle.
    Ian Smith.
    Tony Cozier.
    Michael Holding.

    Pure entertainment :

    Navjot Sidhu.
    David Lloyd.
    Tony Greig.
    Bill Lawry.

    In small doses :

    Ravi Shastri.
    Sanjay Manjrekar.
    Richie Benaud.
    Rameez Raja.

    By Blogger ClannZĂș, at 13:41  

  • Let rest of India realize , we southies are in charge of Indian cricket now. Throughout Indian history we always have cleverly pushed the foolish Bengalis out by being cunning. Now RD is KISSING up to GC to oust the foolish SG . Dont mess around with Southies for next few years......

    By Blogger Southie_joker, at 19:12  

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