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Saturday, December 24, 2005

All's well that...(worma)

Sharad Pawar, BCCI president, has this to say while welcoming the news of Ganguly's recall
"What was appearing in the papers that he was not cooperating and his relationship with his colleagues was not good, I myself went to his senior colleagues, there is not a single complaint against him. And whatever reports appeared in the media is unfair on any player and especially for the person who has got victories for India," he said.

SO..if I get this right....what he's saying is that there is no 'problem' around Saurav off the field. His selection...dumping and recall is all about cricket...is it? And all else is just media creation?

How then would one explain the reason given by the present chairman of selectors...Mr Kiran More....while dumping Saurav ahead of Ahmedabad?
"We did not want Sourav at No. 6 because Yuvraj will play there. He has been consistent and we want to give him more opportunities. It's not done to have Sourav in the squad and not have him in the playing eleven. We are also keeping the future in mind."

What is not 'done' about selecting the best team(and if that means SG in 15 so be it) and then playing the best, in-form 11 out of it?(and if that means Yuv ahead of SG, so be it!). What so bad about benching a player purely on form?(I'm sure there would have been lots of debate about the actual form comparison of Yuv and SG, but none about this 'logic' as such)...and how is it better than dropping him altogether? Who is it 'better' for?..the player or for others? If for the player...then did anyone ask him about his preference of being out of 15 over being out of playing 11?


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