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Thursday, December 01, 2005

And another(-worma)

Blog from cricinfo. This one's called 'Different Strokes' and as compared to other cricinfo offerings in blogosphere, this one is interesting in the sense that the contributions come from ordinary voices in the blogosphere rather than experts on (relatively) high ground. So we have known popular blog figures like Jai Arjun, Zainub, Gaurav Sabnis etc contributing there. As Amit Varma writes in his introduction
The best cricket writers don’t always come from inside the profession of cricket writing. Indeed, professional cricket writers can often get jaded, or be too close to the the wood for the trees, or be conflicted by knowing players too well, or simply lack a fresh perspective from having done the job too long. Writers from outside the profession often write with a freshness and energy that those inside can’t often muster.

Well, Different Strokes is a group blog of a few of those writers, whose work we have noticed in different places over the last few months, and who have agreed to showcase their skills on this particular platform. They all have their own styles and bring their own perspectives to their writing.
And I agree, this one from cricinfo sounds promising indeed. The comments section is open, although moderated(only against abuse, as they promise). Go head, judge for yourself.


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