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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

India-Pakistan T1-Day6(-worma)

Yes, Bhajji and Kumble can be bowling in tandem to Inzy and Sami on a day 6 pitch. ICC is considering the option of increasing the length of test matches in Pakistan to 6 days, going by the amount of time lost in the tests of the ongoing English series. And this because both the morning and evening conditions have made it almost impossible to recover any lost time.

Playing in floodlights is still a valid option, but Jonathan Agnew highlights the problems with that provision.
Since there is always a team on the defensive in a Test match, this meant that as soon as the artificial light took over from the natural light, it was in one team's interests to go off the field.

Ofcourse the new 6 day rule is still being considered for matches in Pakistan, no hints yet of how soon they can come into force.

Update: Saurabh Wahi, one of our regulars, says that ICC is once again shying away from addressing the actual problem(slow over rates) and in the process creating meaningless changes into the game.

As a proof, here is a *small* list of test matches played in Pakistan(and some of them not very long ago) where more than 450 overs were bowled in the match (and presumably these were also played in the same winter time frame)

Vs season Ground Balls
450 overs or more

NZ 1955/56 Lahore 3189
Eng 1961/62 Lahore 2711
Eng 1961/62 Dhaka 3142
Eng 1961/62 Karachi 2975
Aus 1964/65 Karachi 2855
NZ 1964/65 Lahore 2718
Eng 1972/73 Lahore 2753
Eng 1972/73 Hyderabad (Sind) 2864
425 to 450 overs

Ind 1954/55 Lahore 2595
Aus 1998/99 Peshawar 2605
Aus 1998/99 Karachi 2662
SL 1999/00 Rawalpindi 2599
Eng 2000/01 Karachi 2582
SA 2003/04 Faisalabad 2646

He also umm..asks...'does the ICC not have computers'?


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