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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

So what's he in it for(-worma)

More on Pawar...who's still making all the news today with his BCCI elections victory yesterday. This report in Telegraph tries to look into the reason why a man who was, until recently, gunning for the top job in the country has decided to enter sports administration in a big way.
The political situation in his home state, where not a day passes without some partymen crossing over to the Congress, has contributed to his “disinclination” towards politics. Battling illness and a diminishing political base, Pawar is unwilling to toil without getting the country’s top job.

This is one of the explanations being cited for his tilt towards cricket. When his associate N.K.P. Salve was heading the BCCI some years ago, Pawar would often rib the chartered accountant, asking him why he was '“wasting time' on a leisure pursuit identified with the maharajahs of Patiala, Vizianagaram and Gwalior.
And there's a surprise cricketing connection in the family as well
With cricket, of course, Pawar has family ties: his father-in-law Sadashiv Ganpatrao Shinde was a leg-spinner who made his debut at Lord’s.


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