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Thursday, December 08, 2005

And finally(-worma)

..we have a deal..say ECB and BCCI. I hope this is the last post I make about the England's tour itinerary saga...and the language of ECB release certainly helps in that regard
"We are grateful to the BCCI for providing us with this revised itinerary. Whilst their officials have had to work within the parameters of their rotation policy for the allocation of international matches, they have managed to significantly ease England's traveling schedule confirming that both teams will travel by direct flights from venue to venue with charter arrangements put in place where necessary.

Although, if you notice this part..
"With the third and fourth ODIs scheduled for Goa and Cochin, we also hope and expect that large numbers of England supporters will travel on to these popular coastal resorts."
..and compare it with the itinerary, you'll find that the Cochin ODI is 6th of April...hmm..enjoy indeed they will ;-)


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