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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Warne puts England in Indian spin(-worma)

Shane Warne reiterates what many others have figured out...that the English have a problem against spin..which can be accentuated on their tour to India. He also believes that England are not comfortable starting as favorites.
"I'm not sure they're comfortable going into a Test series as the favorites," Warne said.

"And I'm also not sure they got their tactics right.

"I think Pakistan proved that England still has a problem playing spin and to suggest otherwise is a myth.

"They're now going to India and I think their weakness against spin could see them in real trouble, especially if Anil Kumble can come into his own.
Also wonders about the fatigue factor coming into their performance.
"I know they beat us, and they thoroughly deserved it, but I'm wondering if they're getting a bit tired."

Well...one thing's for sure...they won't be starting the Indian series as favorites. Unless India loses its next two series and are down in dumps.

That article also has a lot of hot-air for the upcoming Aus-SA series...which should be interesting because SA has a decent pace attack like WI, but with a lot more discipline (unlike them). What they lack is capability to handle Warne, although Perth, their starting point, can help them there...and thus enable them to start on a high. Now...if only the umpires would decide to leave Kallis, Smith and co. alone ;-)


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