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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Wasim's scorcher(-worma)

According to Wasim the ICC is being run by the foreigners...basically not enough representation of the countries that bring the fans to the ground and the money in their banks
"I am against ICC. The reason is it's run by all the "goras" (whites). Passion is here (in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka), money is here and talent is here. All the cricketers, who get retired after playing two matches work for ICC. From Pakistan, Sri Lanka, nobody gets there (to ICC)," Akram said.

Well, he is right and wrong. If you check the various committees listed on their website, most of them have a fair share of representation from the subcontinent. But except for the Cricket Committee, headed by Sunny, none of them have a chairperson from the subcontinent. And how much of involvement in their day to day activities comes from the other 'regular' members of the committee is not known.
And in case one has forgotten, the ICC president is from Pakistan..although it would be good to see him act a bit more...err..presidential. Instead of Malcom Speed, the CEO, appearing to be the figurehead of ICC. Or maybe...we don't have a presidential form of governance here...since JD left the stage.

Also, have a look at the management team of the ICC.


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