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Monday, December 05, 2005

CEO talk(-worma)

OK not the CEO, but the secretary of the BCCI, which is equated with a CEO in terms of his duties....speaking to mid-day here about the much maligned rotation policy and some more. A couple of important points..first about the Chennai fiasco
The scheduling of the Chennai match has been very unfortunate. The previous committee should have considered the weather factor.
After the current rotation policy completes the cycle, we will work on modifying the existing system.

Everybody will get matches but weather conditions will be considered while allotting the matches
And also, importantly, talking about the Kanpur issue he indicates BCCI plans for state associations to have ownership of stadia..an important step in making the whole cricket infrastructure attuned to provide a better experience to the players as well as the spectators..rather than the current situation where the state association gets the charge 30 days before the actual match, hastily sets up the shamiana, press-box etc.

Elsewhere, in the same article, Rajiv Shukla of UPCA promises to build a stadium for the state organisation
Shukla said the UPCA was wiser by the current incident and to avoid such incidents in future they have decided to build their own stadium.

“We will build our own stadium within a year in Kanpur,” said Shukla.
Although, frankly speaking, *building* a stadium in an year seems a tall order..considering that just the renovation at Kotla seems to be taking forever to complete.


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