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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Where next?(-worma)

The visiting SriLankan team still doesn't know where its going to travel from Delhi after their second test. The uncertainty over Kanpur continues, and now includes the English itinerary in its influence.

For, according to the BCCI rotation policy, Ahmedabad would hold the test shifted from Kanpur, which means England would get the next one in line - Mohali.

The Telegraph(UK) has, in the fashion typical of certain sections of English media (esp on this issue), jumped the gun and already announced the shift...and has 'connected the pieces of the puzzle' in its own sweat way.
The move appears to be connected to the fact that a strong ally of the new Indian board president, Shard Powar, is Inderjit Singh Bhindra. This former high-profile civil servant, who heads the Punjab Cricket Association, has built a beautiful ground in Mohali on the outskirts of Chandigarh.

As also mentioned in the rediff report, the English contingent, travelling with their team, are denied the touristic oppurtunity to unravel the mystical beauty of the north-east, with Agartala fixture being scrapped as a practice venue. Baroda and Mumbai would be new venues for warm-up matches.

And thank you Mr. 'Bhindra'...strong ally of Mr 'Powar'...for building the 'beautiful ground'...a bit uhh..belated gratitude :-)


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