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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Another one comes to the party (-worma)

Amit Varma, from cricinfo (and also host of a few popular blogs) is apparently reporting for Guardian too as their tour correspondent from Pakistan. And his first installment is about what? - why...Saurav Ganguly bashing..what else? Isn't that what sells, and especially when 'actual news' is on low supply...in these days of build-up.

Not only is the article a regurgitation of facts, innuendos and insinuations encircling the former Indian skipper (and a few other members of the drama) - and this applies even for the supposedly English audience towards whom this may be targeted and who would have read many such pieces from some members of the English media tribe who feed on similar Saurav bashing - but is even factually incorrect at places (intentionally, or otherwise). For example
He is loved by his supporters in his home city of Kolkata, there was a national outcry when he was originally left out of the squad for this tour, and questions were asked in parliament
As far as I know, he was there in Pakistan tour squad from day one, and the issue was raised in the parliament around the Sri Lankan series.

But its neither the inaccuracies, nor the insinuations presented as information (rather expected from the tribe of some lesser informed English journalists than Varma - a journalist of some repute atleast in Indian sports media) which is the question here. The question is why bring it up..why now? And where is the link of the 'story' being told in this article with the 'division' he brings by his 'presence'(as per the title).

Ahh...but I forgot....it sells. Right?


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