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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Keep it Simple....(-worma)

Sarfaraz feels that its easy to get Sehwag, Sachin out...just angle the ball in from wide
Commenting on India's batting, Sarfraz said Pakistan still had the edge over them. "It's easy to get them out. The bowler needs to go wide of the crease and angle the ball in," he said. "When (Virender) Sehwag tries to drive the ball, more often than not, there is a gap between bat and pad. Pakistan needs to exploit this gap. A similar line will work for Sachin (Tendulkar) as well."
And we can wonder how this simple plan escaped notice of the rest of the cricketing world...especially those Aussies, the masters of homework and planning.

Also mentioned is the fact that the new ICC rule of allowing 15 degree limit to fast-bowlers can be 'exploited' by reverse-swingers
Sarfraz added that in Pakistani conditions, late swinging yorkers have the potential do undo the best of starts, and under the ICC's new ruling - which allows a bowler to bend his arm upto 15 degrees - this will prove decisive to those who can master reverse swing. "You can cock your wrist before you release the delivery, you will get better curve in the air," Sarfaz said.

And there goes another sweep-under-the-carpet rule of ICC.


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