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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Shall we start? (-worma)

The endless repetition of the same facts, the same theories and postulation is getting to be a bit too much. Imran Khan has some more for us...on the SG vs Yuv question this..
"Form is real thing. If Yuvraj is playing better then obviously he gets in"
Going by the insight on offer here, I guess he's also wishing for the real game to begin soon.

On the possible negative influence that an ex-captain can have on the team..this statement from Imran was a partly amusing
When I had become the captain, there were four ex-captains and about three ex-vice-captains and it was a very difficult situation for a while. ... You do not allow any disruptive thing. Everyone sort of realises that the best player plays. If that happens, that's a happy situation to be."
and a bit nostalgic..those were the days in subcontinental cricket..gone forever. Now the Pakistani team has no ex-captain...even the Indian team has only a couple of those.

Meanwhile Telegraph, from its 'informed sources', brings the news that the team is likely to play both the spinners. And then delves into some conjecturing
Considerable attention, expectedly, was on former captain Sourav Ganguly. He qualified for the master net (after Yuvraj Singh), but when he settled down there, Chappell was seen having a chat with Yuvraj and, then, V.V.S. Laxman.

More than anything else, it almost confirmed Sourav doesn’t — as of Tuesday — feature in the thinktank’s plans for the Gaddafi face-off.

While this Express article postulates that SG can be included only at the cost of Harbhajan

And I say play 3 openers or 3 seamers or 2 spinners or whatever...just get on with the game. Please?


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