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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Smashing return (-worma)

After Imran got angry at Inzy for calling English pre-series favorites, Inzy has done it again. Despite Imran already proclaiming Pakistan as favorites this time around, Inzy has promptly labeled India with the tag.

Not only that, he has also countered the numerous other star-backed proclamations reaching our shores....whether its Akram about bouncy pitches or Moin about Ganguly's position or Waqar about shaky batting lineup
"And since there is not much difference in pitches in India and Pakistan, there will be no home advantage."
"India has a strong batting line-up and Ganguly's return has further strengthened it," he explained.

Although I agree with the balanced approach of Inzamam (and not just because of disbursement of the favorite tag...since that is more of a soundbite) wouldn't it be great if they sat across the table and decided, with finality, whether the Indian team (who is anxiously waiting on the judgement) should march in boldly as favorites or cautiously as underdogs.


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