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Friday, December 30, 2005

If wishes were horses, Part 2

Following Prem's post on cricketing wishes for 2006, a thread was launched on the DG for readers to contribute.

Here are some of the contributions:

Let me be very selfish in this regard
I want India to win the test and ODI series against Pak and Eng. I dont mind if the Pak series is a close affair, I want our guys to flatten whatever is left of Vasughan's men. Am I asking for too much?

It is about Use appropriate Technology for Umpiring in Cricket
Too many times, it is highly irritating to say the least, when viewers can clearly call something as Out or Not-out based on action replays and angles, but the umpires do not have access to these. I wish Technology can play a more comprehensive role in Umpiring decisions - this is one of my New Year wishes.

India to win their next three test series against Pakistan, England and West Indies. I will gladly trade any amount of success in one day cricket for victory in the longer format of the game.
Tendulkar to throw caution to the wind and bat with the verve and adventure of yesteryear...
The BBCI to walk the talk and put in place the infrastructure that enables Indian cricket to be successful because rather than despite the system.

Tondulkar makin a debut at 16 and play like tendulkar did for india....

India team having two fast bowlers who can consistently bowl in the 150kmph range, by the end of the year 2006.

Thats it for now. As and when more people post, will add those in a new post. That would be on Monday or Tuesday.


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