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Friday, December 30, 2005

The Aussie appeal (-worma)

The issue of Aussie's putting pressure on umpires by their over(zealous)-appealing is not new. For example, it was raised during the recently concluded WI series, and I also commented on it here.

Although this time around, SA coach Arthur agrees that it didn't result in wrong decisions, but that, in my opinion, is missing the picture. While all agree that its putting undue pressure on the umpire, its basically leaving it to the human reaction of the official in question. This is what match-referee Chris Broad had to say about it
"There's got to be that competitive edge but there is a line that they cannot cross," Broad told reporters today at the MCG.

"But according to the umpires they haven't crossed it so I'm happy with that.

"I look at it probably from a television point of view and yes ideally it would be nice if it was toned down a little bit."

And it was even brought into focus during the match, when Rauf warned Warne
Broad defended inexperienced Pakistan umpire Asad Rauf, who warned Warne for over-appealing during the match.

And suddenly, the question popping in my mind is that why is it that all these officials are so umm...unofficial in their approach with the Aussies. What's this chatting and warning and "oh it would be nice if they toned it down...but then..." approach?

I don't seem to remember such friendly 'suggestions' coming the way of Indian players in SA...when they were punished en masse for overappealing.

Ohh well...lets sit back and admire the mighty Aussies....they're so darned good...what to do.
Asked if Australia was the "best" team in the game for over-appealing, Broad said: "They are the No.1 side in the world. They seem to be best at most things these days."


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