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Monday, January 09, 2006

Tour musings (-worma)

So the warm-up match ended with the expected result for Indian team i.e. a good warm-up for almost all the members (which is almost the ideal scenario). Khan came back with a good spell today to take a wicket (and gave away 24 runs in 12 overs today). Pathan added another to his tally, as did AA and RP got a couple.

Pakistan A tried to gain some psychological advantage by declaring at 358/9 and having a go at the Indian batsmen again, but the openers easily negotiated the 13 overs. Although, its still too close to call between Jaffer and Gambhir.

Meanwhile Farhat has earned the recall, as was likely after his innings yesterday. Neither Kamal nor Gul (Mohammad Asif did instead) made it into the 15. Which makes the starting lineup for Pakistan almost clear except for the identity of Butt's partner. With Inzy favouring Malik and continuity while selectors and form preferring Farhat.

Razzaq has also been included, and in-case he doesn't recover in time, would most likely be replaced by Asif.

Meanwhile Imran has invited the Indian players to visit his hospital. That would, as he conceded, help raise the profile of his project and help in fund-raising activities.


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