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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Is he 'back'? (-worma)

Shoaib Akhtar. Is he slowly climbing to the peak? Read Osman's review of the day....rather a paean dedicated to the disseminator of boredom, the destroyer of bat; and ego....the...wait, let me not start too. But I regret missing it, for Shoaib beating a top batsman for pace is one of the beauties of modern day cricket, isn't it?
The peak was reached in his third over. In order, an appeal came first for caught behind off a short ball, a mistimed pull next that landed between bowler and mid-on, a low no-ball full toss and a good length ball which damaged Flintoff's bat. The bat change heralded a rare mid-over drinks break, allowing a mass of collective breath to be inhaled. Two minutes, a no-ball, one into the ribs, a change of pace and a slower ball later, Shoaib tore through; Flintoff, beaten for pace, length and nip, his middle stump tumbling out among the din

So, I repeat. Is he back? India...be warned!

Ofcourse I know this is Shoaib...and he's gone nearly three innings without breaking down. But he's Shoaib. (And I'm sleepy..I think :-)


  • worma,
    He's back...wait for the caveat... for now. Tomorrow, who knows, other than Shoaib, if that?

    By Blogger Sahir, at 17:27  

  • I really would like to Shoaib to be back at his best to challenge VS,GG,SRT,RD,VVS in pak since all of them are good against fast bowling.

    By Blogger squarecut, at 17:36  

  • Just watched the highlights. Shoib looked impressive.

    His wild-eyed interview looked more Marty Feldman than Fred Trueman but you cannot have everything.

    By Blogger Ged, at 17:41  

  • sahir,
    I think this is like a few of our guys turning a new leaf. Osman had written abt this sometime back, he said that the first test was only the 4th time ever that Shoaib bowled 25+ overs without getting injured in a test match. Hopefully, he is at his best against our men

    By Blogger Toney, at 17:41  

  • Did I miss it, or has nobody reported/talked about Dravid's elevation to Test Captaincy.

    Or is this being thought off as a non-event.

    By Blogger CK, at 18:56  

  • Well Shoaib Akthar first needs to bowl and not chuck, then we can talk about his greatness. If Shabir Ahmed and Malik are repeatedly getting reported and not shoaib, is it because Shoaib is a bigger personality and has more influence then these two guys.

    By Blogger Anand Balasubramanian, at 19:02  

  • ck,
    LOL! You missed it; everybody talked about it all day

    By Blogger Sahir, at 19:32  

  • well said Anand.
    Shoaib is a clear chucker. Just a naked eye is good enough. All the pakis can feel good about his chucking greatness. All time great chucker.

    By Blogger HolySmoke, at 19:49  

  • Have a look

    Ganuly relinquishes Bengal captaincy. Thinks its time for younger guys to lead.


    An after effect of Dravid becoming test captain?

    By Blogger Shankar Anand, at 00:50  

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