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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Keeping it simple(-worma)

Is what I felt about this whole Greg Chappell's incidence over gesturing to the crowd. Of course it is almost an innocuous gesture seemingly done in the heat of the moment and probably towards no-one in particular.

This is not the first time an Indian cricketer/captain/coach(?) has faced such pressures from the public (and it doesnt matter what region or reason, for me the key thing is that its about pressures in public office...like the visiting head of state facing a protest due to some domestic policies...or a company chairman facing pie in the face for his market practices...or a cricket captain being boo-ed due to wrong tactics/bad performance of the team). To me, it was as simple as Chappell issuing an apology on the first day itself, through the media manager, and that would have been the end of it.

Now I also understand that Chappell is probably not that kind of person to get into the needlessly complex protocols to be followed at such diplomatic *crisis*. But it should not have been a big deal for the whole management to come out with a simple solution first up (and heck...atleast do that *after* looking at the video Mr Baladitya!).

Anyway...its a needless 'controversy' at a moment when team management could have done well with some un-hindered thinking around the 'cricketing' aspects...to come back strongly for the last match, and more importantly to make sure that the nascent process of building form and momentum going into the season does not get derailed.

I wish...I hope..that that's not the case.


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