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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Open thread(-worma)

I've got a busy day for some more time....and not much happening in the cricketing world after the thrilling Eng-Pak draw.

Will peruse the stories later and post more...meanwhile open thread...also post in what you find interesting..

Meanwhile....here's a 'boring' story to catch your attention..and to think that we are cricket crazy in India...some of us would even watch a Zim-Kenya match ball-by-ball...
But when India's women arranged to host England in the Test and five one-dayers, they couldn't even give their series away to the same producers - and their board, the WCAI, actually paid Doordarshan to show the matches. Doordarshan, which is owned by Prasar Bharati, is currently showing the Test on its sport channel and will then screen the ODIs. "We have paid Doordararshan a certain sum to have this series telecast live," the secretary of the Women's Cricket Association of India, Shubhangi Kulkari, told the IANS news agency.


  • worma
    now that is something to be sad about. altho i dont really see how we can help it. fact is womens cricket does not provide the value that men's cricket does.

    in tennis, say, the womens and mens game is comparable. cricket has a long way to go in that regard

    By Blogger GK, at 08:03  

  • gk..since I am still around for a while...and this is an interesting topic

    ..now would you not watch an international Women's Cricket Match? And that too between two strong teams like England (who defeated the world champions recently) and India (who were the World Cup runner's up). Sure the quality of cricket would not be as high, and sure its not as high in watching priority list and sure the TRPs and the ad revenue would not be the same.

    But..do you think..its so hopeless in terms of a viewership option that they have to pay to get it broadcast? That its so hopeless that you'd watch some other crap on tv rather than this?

    I, for one, would surely watch it especially on a free day...what about you? Others also?

    By Blogger worma, at 08:08  

  • no worma i wudnt watch it

    By Blogger GK, at 08:16  

  • maybe id check the score occasionally or watch for half an hour here and there but to watch the whole day is unthinkable

    By Blogger GK, at 08:17  

  • Worma....not me...

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 08:21  

  • yeah..I won't watch it full time either...but not all cricket boradcast in India is watched full time. But the viewership its still enough, esp on a 24hr sports channel often running out of more popular live events, to justify the basic production costs...

    ..anyways...my thoughts..

    By Blogger worma, at 08:24  

  • gk...On the other post u had mentioned abt SG not being an endearing person....Not that I know him personally...But, I would pause a while before I pass judgements.Moreso, when I have no clue on what kind of a person someone is...And would always want to think that everyone is a good person unless I have had a really bad experience.SG means nothing to me..nor do RD or SRT and they do not even know that we exist.But, I would still give someone the benefit of doubt and move along in life.

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 08:24  

  • Men's and women's cricket are almost like two different sports altogether. Passion for a particular sport within a community is a cultural and a mindset issue and can only be influenced by sustained efforts by the people who can influence.

    Can think of several other sports which have worse cases of neglect and ignorance..cant we?

    By Blogger Mount_Cleverest, at 08:30  

  • Ravi: Plenty has been said and documented by people across the cricketing world about SG's uncanny ability to rub people the wrong way. A lot of it is cicrcumstantial and a lot could be a case of sour grapes..but then..their's no smoke without fire..

    By Blogger Mount_Cleverest, at 08:41  

  • Mount...tell me...in yr life,how many people have you been able to please all the time. Sometimes, we tend to behave differently.If one doesn't talk much, he is branded as snooty and arrogant.If he is friendly, he is termed as 'sucking up to everyone".Leaves people with no choice. And as indiviiduals, we all have the right to pick and chose who we want to talk to and who we don't want to. U are right..these are the sour grapes types...and I would looka t it differently.Light the fire and see how the smoke spreads..that IMO is what has happened in SG's case.Disgruntled people...and SG has been stupid to give them the fodder

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 08:49  

  • http://in.rediff.com/cricket/2005/nov/24gang.htm

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 08:51  

  • hey all..could we stop going on about whats happening with SG and Indian cricket and look at something which is far more serious and unsettling?

    What is going on in Zimbabwe? Why isnt the media covering this more comprehensively? Tatenda Taibu has again been threatened and for what? For not toeing the line set by his board? and this isnt threats like being banned or something silly, these are serious bodily harm threats where his family is in danger as well! And it is well known that it is the thugs heading his board that are behind this, why the hell isnt the ICC growing a pair of balls and actually doing something to help the Zimbabwian cricketers? This is gone beyond mere squabbling and bickering between a board and its players, this is actually quite scary!

    So yeah, why dont we stop bickering over stupid stuff like arguing about the future of a multi-millionare in cricket who'se only reason to continue playing is because he wants the money and fame thats associated with it and focus on the true heros who'se lives are under threat just because they dont agree with the mis-management of its cricket board. Zimbabwian cricketers need our support guys, not Saurav Ganguly or Rahul Dravid or Sachin Tendulkar, its these decent,honourable men who despite all their troubles still have the heart to get out on a cricket field and play for their country despite the opposition they face.

    By Blogger TheChowmeinWarrior, at 08:53  

  • http://content-usa.cricinfo.com/zimbabwe/content/story/227126.html


    for your reading..

    By Blogger TheChowmeinWarrior, at 08:55  

  • folks,
    Do you know that when SG made is comeback in '96, he came back as an all-rounder and not as a batsman?

    Strange as it may seem, he was slecetd as a batsman/bowler to justify his inclusion after he was dropped unceremoniusly by Mahendra ( the same one who is now BCCI president).

    History has strange coincidences. However, this time he is 30+ and with GC-RD in power, he may not be back even in the playing 11.

    By Blogger SS, at 09:11  

  • hey i read about woman's cricketing broadcast.

    well you need to catch viewers you have to do either two things.

    1) give more media coverage and lift the quality of the game.


    2)players should wear the dress the one tennis players wore.
    then dont worry people will watch the match 24/7

    By Blogger Allan, at 09:13  

  • Allan..you are right on money about the second point..even though it does not soundgood.

    By Blogger SS, at 09:15  

  • Chowmein: What's happening in Zim is indeed very sad, as it has been for years now. Olonga has probably ruptured his vocal chords by now screaming about this, cricketing fraternity lost several talented players like Neil Johnson, Goodwin, Streak and above all Andy Flower to this unjustice.

    The problem though is that ICC is perhaps goverend by a set of rules and has defined its own powers and responsibilities. ICC is not a representative body of individual cricketers. National cricket boards reresent their countries in the ICC..how those boards are elected and how they manage their affairs might not come under the purview of the ICC.

    By Blogger Mount_Cleverest, at 09:20  

  • ss
    I dont think SG will play in chennai since GC will want to humiliate him and play instead MK or YS. Wonder if they can drop someone if they dont play him...but who cares.
    I wonder though how MK gets ahead of Mongia, badani or Jaffar for test matches. his highest fc score is in 130s and avg of 36 odd says he can only occupy crease and not score runs.

    By Blogger DDirector, at 09:23  

  • In a country where anarchy is rampant, do these players have any choice.They need to pack their bags and leave (ala Olonga and Flower)and IMO, it is not worth losing one's family and life for the cause of a sport that would neither bring them laurels nor peace of mind

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 09:24  

  • Ravi, Chowmein: The only solace I derive from the Zim situation..ours is not the worst managed cricket board in the world!

    By Blogger Mount_Cleverest, at 09:25  

  • dd...u are right.By including SG in the playing XI, SG's stand of dropping Kaif in Zim would be vindicated...And what better way to teach someone a lesson for crossing swords with the master than by making him a tourist

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 09:26  

  • Mount...All said and done...while politics rules the roost here, the players have become more powerful..unlike the days when a clown like Dungarpur was heading the BCCI

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 09:27  

  • Ravi: Their's a difference between what happened in the Zim series and now. Kaif was in brilliant form back then, was making huge scores and perhaps deserved to be in the test team, not quite the same circumstances now. Also, SG did score a century in the test match, how so ever pain staking it was.

    So IMO, SG would get the nod ahead of Kaif now and it should not mean that GC would have to eat crow.

    By Blogger Mount_Cleverest, at 09:29  

  • Ravi: the players are more powerful becuase you and me have made them such. Tell me, how many people watch a ODI in ZIM..leave alone a test match?

    So I guess the solution lies not in ICC taking action but the general awakening..by whatever means.

    By Blogger Mount_Cleverest, at 09:31  

  • ravi
    yea..but then the ploy of selecting team for only the 1st match (usually its either one for every test..happened during aus 2001 series...or for 1st 2 tests and then maybe for the 3rd test..but now its 1st test alone..and then for next 2 tests..highly suspicious) and then select another for the 2nd & 3rd which wont have Sg will not suceed.
    I think More agreed only because he saw this opportunity. but GC may yet ruin that.

    By Blogger DDirector, at 09:31  

  • Mount...I sincerely hope that it works that way.SG seems to be making the right noises...desperation or otherwise.Need to see if everyone around has the maturity to bury the hatchet and break fresh ground...Frankly, I have not seen a far stronger Indian batting line up in a long long time.Competetion is good ,but not at the cost of goodwill among teammates

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 09:32  

  • Mount
    according to the local reports, GC gave 14 names and all 14 were taken. the 15th guy was SG for whom the entire debate of 3-4 hours was held. Given the way GC has behaved i dont think he would include sumone in the playing 11 whom he didnt have in the 14 in the 1st place.

    By Blogger DDirector, at 09:34  

  • DD: Will you be kind enough to share the sources of these 'local reports'?

    By Blogger Mount_Cleverest, at 09:35  

  • Mount...u are right.We have made cricket what it is today.But, do u think BCCI or any of the local assoc give a damn.If they did, the first thing would have been a refund to chennai cricket fans.But, they know that if 25000 don't turn up in protest, there are atleast another 50000 willing to watch the next time around.Till this happens...no one can save cricket from politics and arrogant administrators

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 09:36  

  • mount
    the report has come in today's anandabazar patrika..you can read it if you know bengali

    By Blogger DDirector, at 09:38  

  • mount...dd is referring to reports in mid-day. It does state that GC had 14 listed and left one place and said ..."any fast bowler".This is the spot that he prolly wanted ZK in...but they got SG instead...Once again...games being played on all and sundry by all and sundry...only to score brownie points

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 09:39  

  • The refund is the subject matter of a PIL now..am sure the TNCA would have to cough up the money. The state association was foolish enough not to even insure the game against rain and similar causes.

    So agreed, the board and the state associations are downright hopeless. But all said and done, they do a give a damn..in a lot of matters.

    By Blogger Mount_Cleverest, at 09:39  

  • Oh... maybe it was telegraph then!!I remember reading in one of the newspapers

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 09:40  

  • anyone seen the scoreboard for the maharashtra v/s bengal ranji match? SG seems to have taken More's comment of his being an all-rounder rather seriously :) 5 wickets and now 81 not out! Wish he'd saved it for the chennai test against Lanka!

    By Blogger Tiger, at 09:41  

  • Mount...if they did...we would have good drinking water,clean washrooms and even better chairs to sit thru' and entire 6 - 8 hours

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 09:41  

  • On a lighter vien,heard this one on the Chennai ODI the other day

    SA won the toss and elected to SWIM :)

    By Blogger Ravi1010, at 09:45  

  • ;) lol ravi

    By Blogger Allan, at 09:47  

  • Anyone from Bangalore? Heard its been raining crazy..and Saturday's game between SL and Board XI is in danger...

    By Blogger Mount_Cleverest, at 09:50  

  • mount
    yea..my girlfriend who lives there said so that it has been raining a lot in bangalore. but then I dont think a 3 day match will be washed out.

    anyway guys..cheerio for now.

    By Blogger DDirector, at 10:14  

  • http://pages.ebay.in/charity/

    there is a bid on sachins bat....i have given up the price is over the roof for me atleast

    By Blogger tombaan, at 10:30  

  • The post might not be alive anymore but a couple of interesting links I thought of sharing:

    Darryl Harper, the Aussie upire wants to see SG back as Indian captain!


    And Buddhadev Bhattacharya, the Bengal CM,will call up SG to congratulate him on his selection to the Indian team:


    By Blogger Mount_Cleverest, at 10:35  

  • and it is confirmed rupa ganguly is gonna let saurav have a month of free fuck....

    By Blogger tombaan, at 10:36  

  • Wonder what comes next!!!

    By Blogger Mount_Cleverest, at 10:37  

  • Shut up Tiger with your sarcastic comments on SG after taking 5 wickets and 81. Even after he proved again that he is one of the few allrounders India has currently( he has 93 ODI wickets and won a match against based on a 5 wicket haul).. more importantly he has regained his batting form.
    Biased folks like you will find fault with SG even if he proves you wrong by playing well. You are as biased as Bedi and Dungarpur...

    By Blogger Southie_joker, at 10:42  

  • Check out this link to telegtraph. they have a picture of every member of the newly announced test team at the bottom right hand corner, makes for a lovely viewing..if you can see what i see:


    By Blogger Mount_Cleverest, at 10:45  

  • Shut up Tiger with your sarcastic comments on SG after taking 5 wickets and 81. Even after he proved again that he is one of the few allrounders India has currently.He has 93 ODI wickets and won a match against Pakistan (based on bowling a 5 wicket haul and winning match for India).. More importantly SG has regained his batting form, with 2 centuries , 81 no and a decent county performance this summer.
    Biased folks like you will find fault with SG even if he proves you wrong by playing well. You are as biased as Bedi and Dungarpur...

    By Blogger Southie_joker, at 10:45  

  • Joker: Tiger shutup over an hour back..so chill mate!

    by the way..can you pass that pot you are smoking?

    By Blogger Mount_Cleverest, at 10:48  

  • Little Side bar to real cricket

    Anantapur, Nov. 23: Top Indian cricketers added glamour to the 80th birthday celebrations of Sai Baba at Puttaparthi’s Hill View Stadium on Wednesday. Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar hogged the limelight here too, with the Baba inviting him to the dais and speaking with him. Apart from Tendulkar, Yuvaraj Singh, V.V.S. Laxman, J.P. Yadav, Murali Kartik, R.P. Singh, Srisanth and Suresh Raina took part in the birthday celebrations. They arrived in a special bus from Bangalore.

    Little Master Sunil Gavas-kar, a long-time disciple of the Baba, was also very much present. Gavaskar became a devotee after the Baba’s predictions about his cricketing career came true. The cricket stars sat near the dais from where the Baba delivered his discourse. Olympian Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore also met the Baba and greeted him.

    By Blogger ramshorns, at 10:49  

  • http://www.deccan.com

    to view the picture.

    By Blogger ramshorns, at 10:53  

  • any soul there ???

    By Blogger gangulysucks, at 10:57  

  • Yeah..

    By Blogger Mount_Cleverest, at 10:58  

  • yeah I didnt see Tiger anywhere...it must be the pot

    By Blogger Reverse Sweep, at 11:02  

  • Prem,

    Would love to see a post with your views on the supersub rule and how best to exploit it given we have had a few games under our belt.

    The biggest crib is that it is loaded in favour of the captain winning the toss. My question is: seeing as how imp. the toss has been in some of the recent games, should the captain make the choice of supersub assuming he losses the toss? Won't it in some way negate the effect of the toss and make a more level playing field? The only time I saw something like this was happen was when we went into a SL day nighter with Sreeshant as a supersub and Rahul won the toss, choosing to bowl first - ruling out the supersub - and I remeber he was widely criticised for that. Look forward to your views.


    By Blogger CricLover, at 11:04  

  • criclover
    u r rite. rahul did try it a couple of times. and was criticized for it. where in fact it was a brilliant move. i think u can use it in many ways. one is the one u mentioned - for losing the toss, the other is hope that u win the toss and strengthen ur position, third is always use a utitlity cricketer like raina who can make allround contributions

    By Blogger GK, at 11:13  

  • hmm..was just thinking...YS has a 100 under his belt already in this series..wonder what'll happen if either him or Kaif score heavily in the 2 remaining matches? cos going by what we've seen in the GC-RD rule..performance is rewarded..ie: GG's 100 has given him an extended run in the playing XI at the expense of Rao,Raina JPY..etc..so would it mean that if either of the two score big..would that be enough for RD and GC to keep SG out of the Chennai test?

    Frankly, I'm getting sick of SG and his crowing about the Zimbabwe century. VVS Laxman scored a 140 in that match and right after it he played it down saying that it was against a "sub-standard attack" think those were the words used...so yeah..:p..

    wow..and thanks for ure heart felt comments on Tatenda Taibus and Zimbabwes plight..seriously..was too much!..:p..

    By Blogger TheChowmeinWarrior, at 11:18  

  • Chowmein..dont even mention it!


    By Blogger Mount_Cleverest, at 11:26  

  • criclover:
    Rahul goofed up on that one and was rightly cricticised. If he wanted to field after he won the toss then include SreeSanth in the playing XI and once the innings is over have him benched or after his stinct and then include the bastman(Super sub) after that. The rule of thumb (atleast to this point after watching some games with the new rule) is you go in with a strategy assuming that you will win the toss. At that point you have done your home work on what you will do if you win the toss. The law of averages will atleast be in your favor then.

    By Blogger ramshorns, at 11:30  

  • all the newspapers are criticising that "finally India found allrounder".

    By Blogger gangulysucks, at 11:33  

  • Also now that the new rule is in place the ideal thing would be to name the 12 before the toss and and then name the super sub after. That will given you a level playing field as opposed to the present system which favors the side winning the toss. I think in due course that rule will be amended.

    By Blogger ramshorns, at 11:34  

  • Thanks for replies, gk, ramshorns. Good points. Anyone else?

    By Blogger CricLover, at 11:34  



    By Blogger @mit, at 12:36  

  • anyone know how fast sree-santh and rp singh bowl, an ave speed maybe??i know ip bowls consistently around 133-34 k mark but no clues abt these guys~

    By Blogger sherine, at 12:37  

  • RPS is ZK type of bowler - hits the deck....

    Sreesanth bowls at 138-142 kph. moves the ball too. He's still raw. needs more experience in both domestic and ODIs.

    By Blogger Ravi Krishnan, at 13:54  

  • wow talk about Doordarshan double standards..

    if its the mens game..they dont lose a moment to pump their chest about their rights to show the match...and would go to court and the PMs office even..to get the match shown on DD..
    but if its not lucrative as in womens cricket...they will show only when they are paid..

    interesting...This one reason is more than enough for BCCI to ask them..wahatever hapopened to the national passion.,.

    ONly if BCCI has been smart enough and had the womens cricket association merged with BCCI long back....they would have made Doordarshan paid for this slip..

    and at the same time, saving us from the drab commentary that DD provides..

    ah...but then they dont have brains..do they:-)

    By Blogger Ginkgo, at 14:35  

  • yeah...that would have been nice if the two boards had merged. In fact thats exactly what happened in England, if you read that report, and it helped in the broadcast of Women's matches

    By Blogger worma, at 15:00  

  • I guess we need more madira bedi's IN the team to increase the number of viewers:-)

    By Blogger sherine, at 15:58  

  • ravikrishnan,

    do not be-ittle RPS with comparing him to "like Zaheer Khan... hit the deck kind of bowler.."

    Zaheer Khan is a ball thrower with no brains whatsoever..

    RPS uses lot of brains...

    By Blogger Thanks Chappel, at 20:24  

  • TC has lot of brains....LOL

    By Blogger Southie_joker, at 00:55  

  • is not this the baba who was exposed in the 70s by kovur and other rationalist....

    By Blogger tombaan, at 02:10  

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