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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

More technology, American style?

Peter Roebuck states the need for introducing more technology after Lara received three roughies' in four innings. Allowing a captain to challenge two umpiring decisions, as in American football, is (in his opinion) a good compromise between the purists and the pro-technology sides. There is a lot of merit in his argument but for that, technology such as HawkEye should be proven to be reliable. At present, it does seem like a lot of ex-cricketers consider HawkEye as a product under development (the actual engineers do say that there have been no errors ever on any of the decisions that HawkEye has delivered). And unlike what happened during the Super Series, replaying the same images and drawing no conclusion is not the right way to include more technology.


  • Double Post?

    By Blogger @mit, at 17:35  

  • Now it is gone ... am i dreaming?

    By Blogger @mit, at 17:36  

  • Wht are u taling abt??

    By Blogger suraj, at 17:38  

  • @mit, u dreaming? LOL

    By Blogger Toney, at 17:39  

  • just kidding, I dont know howit happened either. And then I go remove it, hoping that both arent deleted :)

    By Blogger Toney, at 17:39  

  • Toney,

    Sooner or later this has to come into play

    I think the challenge has made a good impact on football and atleast the team gets a chance to stop an umpiring decison decide the outcome of the match

    Good idea but is ICC listening?

    By Blogger suraj, at 17:40  

  • I also feel that the players should be allowed to have a discussion with the umpires regarding their decisions

    They might not be allowed to show dissent but can atleast clarification.

    Of course if the manner in which a player abuses this previlege can bring penalties

    By Blogger suraj, at 17:42  

  • suraj,
    I think most umpires do say what they feel about a decision. For eg, they show that the ball is going down etc.

    By Blogger Toney, at 17:48  

  • going down = legside, I meant

    By Blogger Toney, at 17:48  

  • Hawk Eye is not 100% accurate...during the Ashes one ball from Shane warne spun from the rough so much that Hawk Eye couldn't predict if the ball would end up hitting the stumps or not. Its good for showing whether the ball pitched in line of the stumps but beyond that you can't say for certain.

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 18:15  

  • Still, do you wonder why in Australia only the best batsman of visiting team gets most of these ugly decisions?

    By Blogger LinkLover, at 18:20  

  • Do umpires undergo any written test, to validate their understanding of rules of game ?
    Can anybody please throw some light what is the criteria for an umpire to become International Umpire..
    All I was aware was he had to officate in X number of First Class game, but not sure if this is the sole creteria...
    For me personaly, I think giving the correct decision is more important then saying umpire as Coat Hanger etc, If the usage of Tech can assist the decisions then why not. Yes there is nothing that is perfect, but the judgement should be assisted by best possible means, either Tech, or Challenging(then tech) .. I dont care..
    Most of the players would also prefer the near right decision then instantenous decisions IMHO.

    By Blogger Pankaj Tripathi, at 18:31  

  • How about only using technology with regards to clear edges missed by the umpire? The third umpire, upon appeal by either the fielding or batting captain, will simply take a look at the replay without the assistance of any further technology. Should he see uncontroverted evidence to suggest there was or was not an edge, he can overrrule the decision on the field.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 18:35  

  • I get angry when I recollect that most of these umpiring blunders happen mostly when in Australia, when playing against australia, e.g Sachin's famous LBW decisions in australia in all the tours he toured there, now Lara's. We can also safely assume that they occur when non-whites are playing against whites. Most of the times these blunders happen in favour of whites. I am not starting a racism discussion here, but this is a blunt truth, these blunders happen only against non-whites. I get also puzzled when a black umpire like Bucknor also favours whites in his controversial decisions. These blunders have occured too frequently to call them as coincidence that only non-whites are the victims of these kind of blind, controversial blunders. Not that they didn't happen against whites, but they are very less frequent.

    By Blogger devatha, at 19:23  

  • Prem,

    I think the idea of challenge is good. There are certain things about challenges in American football that make sense, even when applied to cricket:

    1. You have a limited number of challenges
    2. There is a penalty (loss of one time out) if your challenge is not upheld
    3. Most importantly, the umpire has to make a decision first, and the replays should *conclusively* prove that the decision was wrong. If there is no conclusive evidence that the decision was wrong, then the umpire's decision stands.

    With these three basic guiding principles, we can start using technology.

    The downside is that there will be a stoppage in an already "slow" game. The only way to keep the in-stadium crowd interested is by showing the replays on the giant screens, which not all stadiums have. Of course, the TV crowd will see the replays, so it should not be a big deal to keep them interested.

    The other downside, like you mentioned about a lot of past cricketers' views, is that the technology may not have a lot of backing. But considering that the hawkeye equivalent is being used in tennis (World Team Tennis) already, officially, we can at least hope that the same technology applied to cricket should be good enough to start with.

    Also, if there is a problem with the technology, it applies equally to both teams, doesn't it? So there is no realy advantage to one team vs the other. In fact, if a call is debatable, it better be judged by an impartial, less mistake-prone machine than a human being.

    My 2 paise.

    By Blogger RPM, at 19:31  

  • Guys whats the need of technology even when you cant set things straight with ur naked eye.
    Shoaib is a clear chucker. Just a naked eye is good enough. All the pakis can feel good about his chucking greatness. All time great chucker.

    By Blogger HolySmoke, at 19:50  

  • hey devatha, that is not always true. remember damien martyn got 3 roughies in the Ashes and that has probably ended his career !!! And 1st test Pak-Eng, salman butt was run out on 102, but 3rd ump gave him benefit of doubt !! butt scored 20 more runs, the victory margin :D

    So I don't think there's no black-white racism going on here. Looking at the bigger picture, I think the solution is to have more umpires in the elite panel, so that umps need not travel so much. this way they can be fresh and can concentrate better. one way to do this is to make umpiring a viable profession, so that many more people take up umpiring.

    By Blogger Ravi Krishnan, at 19:53  

  • ClannZú said...
    Hawk Eye is not 100% accurate...during the Ashes one ball from Shane warne spun from the rough so much that Hawk Eye couldn't predict if the ball would end up hitting the stumps or not. Its good for showing whether the ball pitched in line of the stumps but beyond that you can't say for certain.

    Clannzu, HawkEye couldnt predict it and then, what happened? I dont remember this, hence the Q. Did HawkEye give a wrong result or did it just say that it cannot predict? If it is the latter, I am fine with it. All the engineers say is that, whenever the HawkEye comes up with a definite answer, that is always correct

    By Blogger Toney, at 20:30  

  • I am not sure about the viability of putting LBW decisions to the third umpire, but clear edges should go to the third umpire. The batsman usually knows whether he edged the ball or not. The batsman should be able to appeal to the third umpire when he knows that he didn’t edge the ball. However measures should be taken to ensure that batsmen do not appeal when they know they edged the ball – for example by allowing only 3 or 4 appeals per innings. The fielding side too should be allowed this privilege.

    By Blogger SLFan, at 21:10  

  • slfan:

    they tried technology with LBW decisions being referred to the 3rd umpire during the recent Johhny walker series in australia. For the most part, it seemed to be work well too (hawkeye was not used). The only bad decisions with the lbws happened when the onfield umpires (koertzen and aleem dar comes readily to mind) decided not to refer a couple of decisions (the onfield umpire still has to ask for the review). It was ironical because in TV interviews koertzen was strongly against the use of 3rd umpires for lbw and so he decided not to refer a few decisions --replays showed he and on 2 occasiona aleem dar made palpable errors, errors that would have been removed had they given the experimentation a fair shake.

    By Blogger kban1, at 23:46  

  • The test team they will select
    1 Sehwag
    2 Gambhir
    3 Dravid
    4 Laxman
    5 Yuvraj
    6 Kaif
    7 Sachin
    8 D Karthik
    9 Agarkar
    10 Pathan
    11 Khan
    12 Kumble
    13 Harbhajan
    14 M Karthik

    But i wud have Ganguly for Kaif,
    Balaji for Khan
    Dhone for Dinesh
    and None for M Karthhik

    By Blogger idli vade, at 00:37  

  • Sight Screen Blog Team :
    any comments on this

    TNCA rip off the fans by refusing refunds ....

    By Blogger unsui, at 00:52  

  • i dont know what the rule is in the other states.. i think they dont refund..
    i think its cheating. the consumer act says u shud refund.

    By Blogger idli vade, at 00:58  

  • Ahmedabad had insured the Ind-SL ODI. I'm not sure that covers bad weather though.

    I hope the fans do go to consumer court & win their case. This is just a rip-off. If the average ticket cost is say Rs. 600, then the TNCA is just pocketing Rs 2.4 crores !!!!

    By Blogger Ravi Krishnan, at 01:10  

  • http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/msid-1304934,curpg-2.cms

    Read the last line on page 2!! Dada bowled 1st ball by some young rookie!!
    It's another thing this this bit of news might be untrue

    By Blogger Ridham, at 01:13  

  • toney - If I remeber correctly...Hawk-Eye refused to register the ball because according to its parameters a ball couldn't spin so much. The engineers then had to reset the parameters...so basically Hawk-Eye was unavailable for about 20 minutes during the match. And hence Channel 4 couldn't do their Analyst segment with Simon Hughes because of that.

    By Blogger ClannZú, at 01:15  

  • Sredharan Sriram repeatedly gets picked for presidents elevens. Wonder what made slectors think he has a chance of plyaing for india. He made a pathetic 40 of abt 200 balls recently in a duleep trohpy.
    I think S Sharath is the most unlucky batsman. He has played some great knocks. Still never gets selected

    By Blogger idli vade, at 01:20  

  • the online TOI can change itz name to toilet paper of india !!!!!

    oh also add badani to that list of not being picked, he's unlucky too.

    By Blogger Ravi Krishnan, at 01:24  

  • and what about balaji ?!?! does this mean he's going to be picked in the test squad ?!?

    By Blogger Ravi Krishnan, at 01:24  

  • i dint get ur q on balaji...
    balaji is too good a player to be tested in such games..
    he shud defenetely be in the indian test team.. zaherr khan is a hype

    By Blogger idli vade, at 01:28  

  • yes that is what i meant. khan & balaji are not in the BP XI. does this mean they're in the test squad. which means we'll include 4 pacers - pathan, agarkar, khan and balaji for test matches in india !!!

    By Blogger Ravi Krishnan, at 01:33  

  • Congratulations on a terrific job by selector to appease Chappell....RD's illustrious scores in the 5 tests he has captained India are 13,5,6,33,0,21,2,31,27...certainly good enough to replace SG who has only a 40+ average over 49 tests as India skipper...

    By Blogger Southie_joker, at 01:35  

  • Here in my team and what the selectors will do too:

    gambhir, sehwag, sachin, dravid, laxman, ganguly, kaif, yuvraj, dhoni, pathan, agarkar, khan, balaji, harbhajan, kumble, karthik

    but i just wonder will be seect a 16-member for a test series at home !!!!

    By Blogger Ravi Krishnan, at 01:36  

  • ideally it shud be pathan,agarkar,balaji,kumble,harbjan.
    but selectors will prefer khan to balaji. and they will also include murali karthik who is the crapest bowler under the sun.

    By Blogger idli vade, at 01:38  

  • sothie, to add to that, Kiran More's totally illogical comments. I think More has completely lost his brains (if he had any that is).......

    Asked whether Ganguly would find a place in the Test team as a player, More replied, "We have not ruled him out. The matter will be discussed tomorrow when we pick the team for the three

    Replying to persistent questions on the reason for sacking Ganguly, More said, "Sourav has not performed that well. We do acknowledge that he scored a century against Zimbabwe, but we are not very happy with his performance during the last two to three years."

    More said, in contrast, Dravid had performed well. "He won matches against Pakistan and Australia as stand-in captain (in Tests).

    "Winning matches against Zimbabwe should not be the criteria. We should be winning our matches and series against teams like Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. The fact is that we have not won a series on foreign soil in 19 years. Looking at the overall performance of Sourav, we are not happy," he said.

    By Blogger Ravi Krishnan, at 01:42  

  • why can't we just announce a squad of 12 before every test like the Aussies/England do !!!!

    By Blogger Ravi Krishnan, at 01:43  

  • yah. they usually pick 14 fir home series. ideally it shud be 12..
    these craps like kaif, murali karthik will earn some free money.

    By Blogger idli vade, at 01:45  

  • It is official that Team India expired today.Australians(GC and Frazier) will rule the roost with 'divide and rule' policy ...using spineless puppets in the form of Kiran More and RD.....new team will be a farce which will get whipped this season. Just wait for the Pak tour for the current team to disintegrate(if not earlier). And for a change I will support Inzi's team. Yes, we want GC's ass whipped by Pak!!!!!

    By Blogger Southie_joker, at 01:46  

  • sourav needs to be there in test side to combat the legendary chucker chuckleetharan.

    By Blogger idli vade, at 01:50  

  • c boucher - i strongly disagree, kaif is not crap. in fact far from he's really an awesome player & deserves a place in the test side.

    southie - how can u ever root against india !!! i can never imagine myself doing that....

    anyways because of BCCI politics ganguy will be back in both the test side and also for the final 2 ODIs. what i mean is bcci will bring back ganguly so that mahindra can get calcutta & other east zone board votes for elections on Nov 29.

    By Blogger Ravi Krishnan, at 01:55  

  • that is why RD is captain too. so that mahindra can get votes from the south boards..... itz all about votes right now in bcci circles.

    By Blogger Ravi Krishnan, at 01:57  

  • ravi,
    can u prove ur staments with facts?
    i agree kaif is a great fielder and a team man. but he has to bat well in first place. he can neither defend well nor hit out.
    just becaue he score slowly doesnt make him a good test batsman. he is pathetic agaisnt quality spin and quality pace..
    he has a first class avg in 30's which is very low for an indian. also he has only 5 first class hundreds with 134 being the highest. wud u beleive it?
    let him go back to domestic and prove himself.

    By Blogger idli vade, at 02:00  

  • southie - you clearly live in another world... in fact the ganguly divide and rule days are over. From now onwards it is perform or out. don't try and demean GC,RD and More for finally doing something right. I think More & Co have balls of steel to not make SG captain , now lets see if they also drop him. it will do indian cricket a world of good.

    By Blogger MM, at 02:09  

  • what do you mean he scores his runs slowly ?!? his ODI strike rate is 74 !!

    his last 5 test innings (all against Aus - quality pace + quality spin) are 64, 55, 7, 2, 25. The 64 batting at #7 and, 25 in that minefield mumbai rack & 55 in nagpur out of team total of 185. Is that enough facts for you?? Also he has proved himself enough in the ODIs to get an extended run in the tests for a while at least.

    By Blogger Ravi Krishnan, at 02:15  

  • LOL. Strike rate of 74 is not good considering he batted low down the order for most of the time. also recently he had a chance to bat up the order . even there u get to hit.. FYI, he has only 9 sixes out of 101 odis.. and all sixes are of pathetic bowlers. here is a summary of his sixes thanks to cricinfo
    32.2 Alok Kapali to Kaif, SIX, tossed up delivery outside the off stump,
    Kaif comes down the track and lofts it over the long-off fence
    24.3 Mbangwa to Kaif, SIX, short delivery on the middle and off, Kaif
    picks it up quickly and lofts it to the mid-wicket fence, all
    timing in that shot
    45.5 GW Flower to Kaif, SIX, down the legside, nicely moves further to
    the on, and then pulls the ball way over deep midwicket
    first six for India
    46.2 Hondo to Kaif, SIX, now Kaif's finding his range! a half volley
    outside off stump, just smashes through the line, lofting it hard,
    high and handsome over long off, clearing the boundary by quite
    some margin
    46.6 Willoughby to Kaif, SIX, and Kaif picks Willoughby from middle and
    off and simply slaps the ball far over long on, a mighty hit, well
    timed as well, Willoughby not having a good time of it here
    48.2 Willoughby to Kaif, SIX, a biggie this time! Willoughby pitches
    just short this time, and Kaif rocks abck and thumps the ball
    cleanly over the midwicket ropes, way over too! Good shot
    48.6 Willoughby to Kaif, SIX, and this one again outside the off, and
    Kaif gets on one knee and belts this one high and far, the long on
    fielder trying to get a hand on it but failing miserably as it
    falls metres beyonds the ropes. Kaif in sight of a hundred here!
    38.2 Tudor to Kaif, SIX, short, literally cracks off the bat and ends up
    in the tavern stand, clean pull
    42.1 Irani to Kaif, SIX, over the top of mid-wicket

    By Blogger idli vade, at 02:21  

  • don't you guys find it strange that GC from time to time comes out and says that sachin will come out of bad form & score runs anytime now without any reporter actually asking about that !!!!

    By Blogger Ravi Krishnan, at 02:21  

  • when is the team for the remaining ODIs and the SL tests going to be announced?

    By Blogger galli_cricket, at 02:28  

  • Dude, hitting sixes is not everything in cricket !!! RD's strike rate in ODIs is also in the 70s. his scores as #3 the last few ODIs have been quite impressive, if i remember right he got a 90 & 100 vs NZ.

    By Blogger Ravi Krishnan, at 02:33  

  • Md. Kaif future India Captain..

    By Blogger galli_cricket, at 02:35  

  • mm, well said

    By Blogger GK, at 02:35  

  • i know dude.. hitting six is not the only parameter when u judje.. even the classy damien martyn doesnt hit sixes.. but putting kaif in the ranks of martyn,darvid or kallis is like the biggest mistake.
    yah dravid srike rate is less. thats because he plays the anchor role.. and dravid has a solid defence unlike kaif..

    By Blogger idli vade, at 02:37  

  • mm dunno if KM and company have blls of steel.. but they have a window of opportunity with no accountibility... dunno if this is the start of something new in INDIAN cricket or just pandering to the gallery ( knowing that SG is a polarizing figure and therefore leaving him out is no harm no foul).

    By Blogger galli_cricket, at 02:37  

  • yup galli i totally agree. he has to be future captain of india. best cricketing brains we have on the field.

    teams for the last 2 ODIs and the test series to be announced anytime now.

    By Blogger Ravi Krishnan, at 02:39  

  • ravi.. Md Kaif has taken an unfancied teams like the Cebtral Zone ( in the Duleep Trophy) and UP ( in the Ranji Trophy) and won.. Also, his work ethic is something that is worth emulating.. I think he will be a good role model..As regards his batting, plays within himself, coms good when the chips are down ( natwest series, Oz series, Champions Trophy etc)

    By Blogger galli_cricket, at 02:43  

  • chuck, who's putting kaif in the same class ?!? martyn is 34, RD is 33, kallis is 30 & kaif is 23. it is not an even comparison at all. but based on his performances in the 3 tests against Aus, the top side with all their bowlers in great form, he should get a decent and extended run at the test level.

    By Blogger Ravi Krishnan, at 02:45  

  • also MKs temperament while batting is excellent - that makes up for his relatively limited talent

    By Blogger GK, at 02:45  

  • Shoib Malik out.... darn :(

    By Blogger galli_cricket, at 02:47  

  • galli, i'm all for kaif.
    itz chucklitharan who's against kaif in teh test matches.

    By Blogger Ravi Krishnan, at 02:47  

  • ravi, absolutely. btw kaif is 24 now.

    By Blogger GK, at 02:47  

  • what are the odds of SG making it back to Team India? cnt seem to find it on the net

    By Blogger galli_cricket, at 02:49  

  • galli,
    why u so disappointed ? i want england to fight hard here. we dont want pak too confident when we take them on in jan

    By Blogger GK, at 02:49  

  • IMO, odds are close to 100% for SG to be in the test team. i would say 75% SG is back for the last 2 ODIs.

    By Blogger Ravi Krishnan, at 02:50  

  • he may be young.. but he will never become a 25% of a kallis/dravid/martyn. class is permanet. in cricket u shud hv natural talent. take a herchelle gibbs for eg. he hasnt had gud record initially. but one can make out he has talent. he is a gifted player not in fielding but also in batting..
    as for temparment, hitting 5 first class hudreds tells the story. his heighest first class score is 134.
    ok guys , time will tell. i will be glad if he proves me wrong. because the guy has a good attitude and a team man

    By Blogger idli vade, at 02:50  

  • Mumbai 131/2 againt Delhi at the Kotla
    Maharastra 86/3 against Bengal at the Nehru Stadium.. r u kidding me? SG took 2 of the wickets that fell.. But 3 wickets before lunch at the Nehru stadium.. what just happened?

    By Blogger galli_cricket, at 02:51  

  • any idea what time the team is gonna be announed ?

    By Blogger GK, at 02:52  

  • gk.. not disappointed.... but had to say something about the Eng Pak match :)

    By Blogger galli_cricket, at 02:53  

  • gk, if Eng lose 3-0, India is #2 in the rankings :D

    chuck, i disagree guts and fighting spirit matter too. a rpime example is none other than steve waugh. limited talent but lotz of guts. so i see no reason why kaif can't do well too at the test level.

    By Blogger Ravi Krishnan, at 02:54  

  • gk, who knows for all we know selectors may be having a nice siesta !!!!

    WOW, SG is the next all rounder, i.e., Kapil Dev. or perhaps the next Agarkar lol lol

    By Blogger Ravi Krishnan, at 02:57  

  • ravi,
    yah i agree steve had limited talent. but having seen kaif over the years, its very difficult to say he will be sucessful with his fighting spirit.
    anyways lets wait and watch..

    By Blogger idli vade, at 02:57  

  • gk.. r u in Poona? has the character of the Nehru Stadium wicket changed? has it been re-laid? Time was when batsmen used to score a 1000 before lunch and 2000 more after on the first day at the Nehru Stadium

    By Blogger galli_cricket, at 03:01  

  • guyz, don't count out SG. all we all know, he's a fighter too... all of us will only be glad, if he's back to the SG of the laste 90s.....

    By Blogger Ravi Krishnan, at 03:01  

  • cricinfo is a great site. they cover even these small small matches..
    the other cricket sites cover only matches which are live on tv :-)

    By Blogger idli vade, at 03:03  

  • darell hair joins steve bucknor in my list of blind umpires !!!!

    By Blogger Ravi Krishnan, at 03:07  

  • add a v jayaprakash to that list

    By Blogger idli vade, at 03:08  

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