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Friday, December 16, 2005

Aus Vs SA, an engrossing test

Caught in this sorry saga of our cricketing matters, we are overlooking what could be the most engrossing cricket series in some time. With the Aussies dismissed for 258, Smith has shown that it is not all talk. Honestly, I slept after seeing Ponting clobber the bowlers for his 71. But everything that makes Ponting the batsman that he is, was on display. Fierce pulls and hooks, great cut shots and confidence on what is the fastest and bounciest cricket pitch; wagon wheels are available here.
South Africa still has a job on its hands. To sustain this kind of intensity over 5 days and then over two more tests doesnt come naturally to them. It does, though to the Aussies. This is also a series that could give a better idea on Mike Hussey, the batsman.
Here is Peter English's version of how the day went. He dubs the batsmen pull-happy and unfamiliar of the conditions. Hmm and to think there was some serious home advantage here.
Buchanan blames the batsmen here for their indiscipline. Interesting turn of events, looks like the Aussies are having regular doses of reality nowadays.
"It would be nice if we could live up to everybody's expectations every time we
bat and every time we bowl but the reality is that it is international sport,
it's very competitive and we're just not super-human."

Funny how, just a few months ago, they were looking forward to a 5-0 drubbing of the Poms.

Tests at Perth have always been wonderful. Tendulkar scoring that majestic century while the rest of our batsmen scampered for cover remains etched in memory. Looking forward to the rest of the game...

PS: I wonder how it feels to score a 380 and then follow it up with 4, 10 and 0 on the same ground. Does anyone know?


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