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Thursday, December 08, 2005

The new t.v. era?(-worma)

BCCI's marketing committee meeting today decided to cancel the current t.v. rights tenders and issue fresh ones.
"The committee decided to cancel the current tender and issue a new one with fresh terms. The BCCI is looking at generating more revenues and has identified the areas," BCCI Vice President Lalit Modi said.
I hope, now that the *new* BCCI is looking to address fresh issues hitherto deemed unnecessary in context of Indian cricket, that the new tenders would carry *some* emphasis on the quality of telecast as well.
For too long have the Indian viewers ruefully compared the excellent cricket coverage beamed from outside our shores with the pathetic excuse in the name of cricket telecast that we get at home with 4/5 ball overs...5 ads crammed in between overs and 1005 between innings...hopelessly incompetent commentators, studio hosts and anchors and most importantly bad quality of on-field cricket itself...with not enough cameras, fewer angles for each shot, not even best possible stump microphones sounds etc.

And while at it, what about the coverage for domestic competitions, women's cricket, other important events like A tours, U-19 matches etc? This is a very good opportunity to include all these supposedly 'non-profitable' events within the scope of the tender. But..one can only hope..


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