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Monday, December 19, 2005

Home for the holidays(-worma)

The English team, it seems, already has Christmas, fireplace, home and family on their minds! Another hopeless performance in the 4th ODI against Pak...and another series lost prematurely(well, the match hasn't finished as I write this, but I hear faint sounds of the fat lady singing ;-)

Their bowlers did put up a good show this time around after being asked to bowl, but the batting was as hopeless as it has been throughout the tour(with a few bright spots here and there). And while on bowling, wonder what Tresco was thinking...having Anderson, supposedly their opening bowler, as the supersub? Had a chat with the God-Of-Toss earlier in the day or what?...ahh well...thats the kind of tour they've had.

Hope they shake it off with their holiday hangover before landing on Indian soil.


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