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Monday, December 19, 2005

The game continues(-worma)

So I go for a break, and another Act is added to the great Indian cricket drama :-)

Some news from over the weekend...Saurav has this to say to his(and Indian cricket) fans
“The third and final Test (against Sri Lanka) begins tomorrow and I wouldn’t like anything untoward to happen because of me. That's why the appeal,"” Sourav told The Telegraph.

"“My concern isn'’t only about fans here, but somebody may choose to do something in Ahmedabad or (neighbouring) Motera. Moreover, at this point, the team needs to be supported not an individual," he added.
and also
His appeal included: "“Whatever has happened, I respect the selectors' decision. I'’m sure, with my performances, I'll again get the opportunity to play"

"“Any bandh is going to jeopardise public life, which is not right."”
and that was after this had happened earlier.

Meanwhile, BCCI president is happy with Saurav's appeal
"“I'’m very happy with the appeal. It speaks volumes of his greatness. That's the right spirit,"” said Pawar in nearby Motera on Sunday.

The Union minister feels the former India captain still has lots of cricket left in him. "“He is a great player. There is a lot of cricket left in him. There are bound to be ups and downs in one’s career, but I'’m sure he will bounce back."”
I'm not sure how much to make of this statement...maybe another compromise brewing in the background? Especially when the above statement is read along with this one, later in the article(emphasis mine)
"“Former eminent cricketers are doing the job. I don'’t want to influence their decision. But if there's a mistake we can discuss it"

Anyway, in the meantime there was a better display on the Motera field...with VVS continuing to show great promise at the start of our test season. If we are to have a good show against the tougher challenge from Pak and Eng then he, along with Sehwag, would have to be in top form to 'set up' the game for India..with RD and SRT playing the consolidators.

And Pathan finally finished at an impressive 82...and I wonder how much further enhanced would have been his batting status today had be managed to covert his three recent international chances (Nagpur ODI, Delhi and Ahmd tests) into centuries...knowing that more often than not, the barometer for batting performances is calibrated in terms of tons...or atleast biased towards it.


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