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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Mushy role (-worma)

Mushtaq Ahmed can be appointed assistant coach of Pakistan team, as this report suggests. He took up the role, despite being a contender for an actual spot in the playing XI, during the English series. And it seems that the team management was impressed. Not the same with some other board members. According to them Woolmer should be able to take care of any job with the word 'coaching' in its definition.
He also maintained that not everyone in the board or the ad-hoc committee was in favour of appointing an assistant coach with the team as they felt that this post was not really necessary in the presence of a well paid and full-time professional coach in Woolmer. "The coach is someone who should be able to manage everything," the source said.
It's always a similar story around here, atleast with some people, isn't it? Resisting changes...even the ones which all around us are quickly adopting (notice the quick assessment of bowling coach needs in Aus and equally quick pinching of Cooley from England)


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