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Monday, December 05, 2005

The new Shoaib(-worma)

Shoaib speaks to Telegraph(UK) here on his apparent transformation in this series and a few other things...and reading this, the cadidness of his response itself indicates a changed man.
"I am thinking more now," Shoaib said. "Over the last couple of years I stopped using my brain. I was so used to playing with Wasim [Akram] and Waqar ([Younis] and listening to them telling me what to do every ball.

"It took me this long to realize that I have to start thinking for myself and, being the senior bowler, helping the other guys out. It used to be so easy getting the ball and asking them 'what should I bowl?' But now I have to have the answers.
The key being, IMO, the realization that he is now one of the team seniors.

And like many others, he also points at the lack of intensity in the English approach responsible for a result by which even he seems to be surprised.
"I don't like to criticize anyone, but they seem to be going through the motions and not enjoying the tour. Every part of the world is different and if you are expecting the same in this country as back home you might not get it. It's the same for us when we go there, when we have to pitch it up. Our wickets are not easy to bowl on and you have to put in extra effort to get wickets. I think we have put in more effort."

Shoaib observes that England's body language has been nowhere near as aggressive as one might expect from a team that just triumphed over the brash Australians.

And just so that its clear to us here...he is setting his sights on the next big target, the Indian series...having missed out his share in last two encounters.
Arch-rival India arrive next month for three Tests and he said he has "unfinished business" with them after under-performing in last year's rubber.
And from what I saw of him in the recent matches, he is not yet at his best! There is more to come, provided he keeps up his fitness and attitude levels.


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