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Sunday, December 04, 2005

The worst players in the world(-worma)

Pakistani players, in the words of their coach Bob Woolmer, are the worst footballers in the world. As was apparent to him, and Andrew Miller who watched the fun-filled warm-down session of the Pakistan team. They are indeed enjoying their time in the sun, and why not....its a victory which has, in Miller's words, left even their own fans surprised.

Woolmer, meanwhile, wants to stay focused for the Indian challenge ahead.
"India is going to be a tough series for us because we need to prepare differently against them. They have couple of quality players and they will be hard to beat," he said.
Although, IMO, there are more than a 'couple' of quality players to be worried about...but its good that they have set the sight on the next target.

India would, similarly, have twin worries of keeping the Pakistan and then the English challenge in mind. And it's good to hear that in that context, there is atleast one right step taken by BCCI..that of postponing the Asia Cup, earlier scheduled bang in the middle of Pakistan and England series. This gives the Indians more time to prepare for England...who are no doubt going to come back hard, looking to recover their lost test-match pride and status.

And talking of preparations, one big English criticism of their tour of Pakistan has been that they haven't had enough pre-tour time and matches to acclimatize, prepare and generally, get into the rhythm of the tour. Well, compared to our warm-up match(es) agenda in Pakistan, the English preparation would look more than sufficient. Just one two-day match before diving deep into the first test match itself! The only point in our favour is that we won't be coming off a break...after the hectic SL series.


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