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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Pak tour squad: afterthoughts (-worma)

Thinking about it...why exactly did we need a reserve keeper for a not-so-long tour to a next-door country? Not exactly in line with our thinking in the past, is it? And I don't buy the what-if-Dhoni-falls-sick-on-matchday argument. Doesnt that apply to a reserve spinner as well? (and unlike RD's keeping skills...I don't think we can expect Sehwag or Sachin to take up the spinning strike bowler's role in place of Bhajji or Kumble)

And I wonder...does this selection have something to do with team strategy about the opener...and ofcourse, the inclusion of SG in the middle order without sacrificing Yuvraj?

I hope not....we need a regular opener(unless PP can become that!) unless the team management thinks this 'stop-gap' move would help them solve the SG vs Yuv debate in the longer term.

But amidst the gloom...some good news...Shoaib Malik would be fit for the Indian tour :-)...going by his performances as an opener, I would be hard-pressed to stop myself from welcoming that news.


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