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Monday, December 26, 2005

The SG furore

The hue and cry over the axing and reinstating of Ganguly essentially boils down to two questions.

1) Does SG, on current form, deserve to be among India's seven leading batsmen? If so, why is there any debate over his selection?

2) Are there other, 'non cricketing' reasons (ah how I love that phrase) behind the reluctance to pick him?

The comparisons with SRT's poor run of form aside, I think that while SG's problems in the team may have begun with an extended run of poor form (2003 end onwards), it is his attitude towards handling them, and other aspects of the game, including captaincy, that have led to this whole current mess.

As such, any debate centering around his form is peripheral and secondary. It is this question which needs to be answered, and who can answer it best? JW, GC, SRT, RD, VS?

Out of the five, four have maintained a silence, and the only one to have spoken out, has made his opinion very clear.


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