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Monday, January 02, 2006

Gilly's form (-worma)

Gilchrist has gone 19 test innings without scoring a hundred...and he agrees that he is desperate to get into runs. Although he does not concede he is under pressure..although I would doubt that going by the ruthlessness, abnormally high even by their own standards, that the Aus selectors have shown in recent times.

The surprising aspect is that his keeping is going well (unlike the Ashes where almost nothing went right for him), and Healy also agrees.
Gilchrist is keeping things on an even keel by taking pride in his keeping, which his predecessor Ian Healy said recently was better than ever before.

"I've always said that's my No.1 job.

"Through my career if I've been batting well I've kept well and vice versa, so once again this is an odd scenario for me.


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