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Sunday, January 01, 2006

BCCI vs ICC (-worma)

There's a showdown brewing between the BCCI and ICC, as indicated in this Guardian story. Apparently BCCI has had bilateral talks with most other top cricketing boards to 'fine-tune' the international calendar accommodating more 'meaningful' matches between top nations at the expense of the minnows Bangladesh and Zimbabwe.
The BCCI deny they are holding the ICC to ransom, but sources told The Observer that there have been heated telephone exchanges between Dubai and Mumbai in the past few weeks. "They [the ICC] are very, very angry about this," said a source close to the negotiations. "They see it as a challenge to their authority and reckon it will undermine the whole structure of the game if individual countries act like this. It is a very disturbing development."

While it is true that such a move, even if camouflaged under 'fine-tuning' is going to undermine the authority of the ICC, they cannot complain that they had it coming for a while.

Nearly all non-minnow nations have been crying out for a change in the structure...to make the competition more meaningful...and for years its been falling on deaf-years as far as the ICC is concerned. I'm sure most of these nations would be happy that Indian board, with all its financial muscles, is the one to make the first move as they back it from the shadows.

The new regime of the Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) say they have cut a bilateral deal with Cricket Australia to play more games between their national teams, at the expense of the minnows - Zimbabwe and Bangladesh - though the Australians deny this.

And as for the CA or any other boards denying it, well in that case the ICC has no reason to worry, do they? After all BCCI cannot change the schedules without complicity from relevant national boards.
Lalit Mody, BCCI vice-president, had this to say
We are meeting England on the ninth, ahead of the ICC executive board meeting on the eleventh. We have had a positive response from member countries we have spoken to. This is not a challenge to the ICC. This is just a fine-tuning.

"We will be having bilateral talks also with South Africa and New Zealand. The old programme was always a problem for member nations. India was never listening to what they were saying under the old regime [headed by Jagmohan Dalmiya, who was recently ousted]. Under the new regime it is. I think this will be fair to all countries."


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