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Sunday, January 01, 2006

If Wishes were Horses, Part 3

Here are some more.

I just wish that Indian's do well in Pak and win the Test series (if not the ODI).
I just hope SG and his ego is nailed once and for all!
And finally, I wish that BCCI folks, spend some time reading Prem's blogs!!!

I wish Rahul Dravid scores his first double hundred in 2 years.
I wish VVS comes up with an innings that is half as good as his 281.
I wish Brian Lara and Shane Warne continue to provide us with joy.
Last, but not least, I wish India grow from strength to strength as a team

To win at least 3 out of 4 test series, preferably the first 3.
To have at least one more world class pace bowler in our ranks along with Pathan.
Success for Sachin and Rahul.
To have Sachin play an important role and guide our team to victory in 4th innings in one of the tests.

I hope Ganguly comes back with a bang in 2006 and score a double century in Pak. and after that he makes sure that no credit goes to GC for that


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