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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Management? (-worma)

Dileep Premchandran has a column today in Cricinfo about the 'media interaction' event organized by the Indian tour management for the media...and how it turned out to be a big fiasco, with large sections of print media almost boycotting the session...hence resulting in awkward silence and grim faces. Not an ideal precursor, one would say.

Also relinking the post from Amit Varma on his blog, about the same event (that presumably took place yesterday) again highlighting the mis-management of this crucial occasion...resulting in farcical situations. Check out the photographs too...they really tell a story worth thousands of words.

All in all, a big mess-up by the tour management (if there is any at all) and something which our players, already burdened with the extra-ordinary pressures of this tour, can do without.


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