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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sri Lankan cricket (-worma)

They say one's never too drunk to fall off the floor. Apparently Sri Lankan cricket is. For the depths they keep plummeting since...well since they stepped out of home..has no limits in sight. After being absolutely overwhelmed by the Indian team in the ODI series, they easily surrendered the test series despite a not-upto-the-mark batting display by the hosts.

And in New Zealand they didn't look like winning anything for a long time (add to it the controversy around Jayasurya's recall and subsequent injury/unknown dropping-out) until they managed to eke out a win in the final match.

And, in Australia now for the VB series, they now lost their practice match against Victoria when, after being bowled out in 33 overs for a mere 130 runs total, Victoria chased them down in under 25 overs for the loss of 3 wickets. And this while going in to face number 1 & 2 ranked teams.

Flashes of individual brilliance is what can save a few of the upcoming cricketing days for them. But even a Murali needs some runs to defend.

And to imagine..it was just a few months back when we thought Moody got the better of Chappell while looking for an international lineup to coach!


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