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Saturday, September 03, 2005

...the path ahead

Something on the lines of what I mentioned in the post after the Ind-Nz match, GC here underlines the fact that its constant development he is concerned with, more than the results. "We're not judging a team on outcomes such as winning the series," and "We've judging them more on whether they're improving in critical areas.

But, before we think that is an early excuse for loosing the final, here's more on what he has to say : "If we won the series that would be a confidence boost but if we win without doing things we need to do well then it will be a less important victory."

and also, on missing bond and vettori in the last fight "We won't be in a position to judge whether we've improved at all until we're put under pressure by those bowlers," Chappell conceded.

For me, as I said, the sign of consistent development is not so much in the 'short term' results as much as in the components of the game. Like our fielding, or the willingness to stay at the wicket while batting, or the fight with bowling (even when going for runs)...in fact the whole overall 'presence' that the team displays out there in the center.

And yes, sure, we all know that in the long term its the results that count. But lets wait for those, and look at it after a reasonable period...lets say..end of the season (after the WI tour, is it?)


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  • HI Prem

    I feel that part of the reason our players lack the consistency is because of your fellow media colleagues. Either, their memory is really short term or they are real kids who haven't been following cricket beyond the last 2 games or they don't have the courage to criticize a non-performing star. If sachin hits a ton have 8consequtive failures, immediately every columnists (including your buddy Ashish Mangotra) starts of with a column which has cliched headings like "form is temporary and class is permanent" - there after even if sachin has 8more single digit scores they refuse to point out the batsman's inconsistency.

    Now, lets see, if India wins the Ind-NZ final, if media really points out that winning 1match or finals is not the key here but being consistent as a team is the factor. We really didn't deserve to be in any of the finals so we are not really "finals-chokers", we just got lucky along the way in the past.

    By Blogger ur buddy, at 20:15  

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