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Monday, November 28, 2005

The advantage down under(-worma)

Its an era of neutral umpires, so where is the scope for complaint? Ultimately, it evens out, doesn't it? Right....so I suppose West Indies team should celebrate their victory for the *next* Aussie series? And Lara should celebrate the flurry of fourtune-strokes he would generously receive in his next tour? Only there would be no next tour for him, and even if there was, he has copped enough bad ones in Australia for repentance to be out of scope for a single series.
And the knowledge that all four of yesterday's mistakes went against a team which has been soundly outplayed and therefore needing any morsel of luck it can seize only breeds disillusionment among fans desperate to witness a genuine contest.

Some blame it to the Aussie's aggressive style of appealing (equated to a 'wardance' in a famous article I cannot find the link to :-)
An over after the loss of West Indies' batting mainstay Brian Lara and with its innings teetering at 4-96 (an overall lead of just 73), Sarwan was struck flush on the foot by a fast inswinging yorker delivered by Brett Lee.

The fact that the ball was sliding down the leg side and all three of Sarwan's stumps were visible did not dissuade Lee from charging down the pitch with his arms raised in triumph without even bothering to address his appeal to the umpire.
Did someone mention 'overappealing'...or 'match referee'?...nope?


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