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Sunday, November 27, 2005

The fun continues(-worma)

That is..the entertainment brought through the tour diaries of Claire Taylor from the visiting English Women's team. So after the chicken tikka paste, its time to get vegetarian
We've been given a great welcome, with garlands, bhindis - a red spot placed on the forehead - and strewn with flowers, everywhere we have been on tour.

But, there cricket has been much better than their grasp of Indian cultural nuances. After getting a neat enough draw in the one-off test(where surprisingly the Indian spinner did not play an effective role) they won the first ODI.

Neetu David did play a big role in restricting the English women, but our own middle order collapse ensured their victory. And the English star was also their off-spinner Laura Harper.

This is, surprisingly, their first win in India in 10 years!


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