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Friday, November 04, 2005

England on subcontinent(-worma)

As we know, the Eng batting flopped big time in their warmup match. Vaughan says he's concerned, though not overly.

But this, he should be concerned about.
On the last day of the game against the Patron's XI Vaughan moved a few times from slip to leg-slip when deliveries from the spinners were in mid-flight.
and this is what he had to say about it
I don't think it was sportsmanship. I thought it was quite smart
and also
I moved very fast, as soon as the ball had been released.
And I am shocked, to say the least! Not only is he unaware of what, to me, seems like a basic rule, but is also going to stick to it, despite it being pointed out to him.
He was apparently unaware that law 41 says "significant movement" by fielders in such circumstances is "unfair".
Also, read this story in Telegraph, highlighting the 'illegality' of the Vaughan tactic.
Actually, the England captain is wrong and Law 47.1 states that: "any significant movement by a fielder after the ball comes into play and before it reaches the batsman, is unfair." The next clause goes on to define what is "significant" for a close fielder, outlawing anything other than a minor adjustment to stance or position. That makes Vaughan's lurch to the leg-side a contravention, however you look at it
Ofcourse a crash course through a friendly journo, or even possibility of reviving the Gatting incident might yet deter him from implementing his plans :-)

Meanwhile, here's a nice KP interview, the first one I have come across so far. Reveals a lot about his personality in non-crickeing life, and how it shows on the field.
My hair doesn't make me play cricket any differently!

Just because I've got a stupid haircut or diamond earrings, it's not going to make me cover drive a ball any differently.
And also shows he doesn't take himself too seriously :-)
Personally I do it because I like it. I don't do it because I want to be somebody. Who else walks around with a stupid haircut like mine?
Also talks about his decision to play for Eng, his bowling capabilities etc. All in all, a good read.

But KP would not be the only funny man out there when Eng face Pak for the first test.
Someone once asked Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq why he wins the toss so often and his reply was: "I practise a lot."
Its from a nice profile article on Inzy, read the full article here. And this is not the first funny reply I've heard from him. I do recall finding his quotes funny on other moments also (India tour.maybe?..don't seem to remember exactly). Its probably his dead-pan serious looks which puts us off the track before the punchline lands :-)

And finally about the tour woes of Eng team, the favorite topic which Prem and myself have been raising quite often in recent times. It seems that things do go in well defined circles around the Eng as tourists. Here's a nice critique done by Harsha Bhogle, apparently after their previous visit to India. As we always get from his work, very aptly put by Harsha this time too.
You would have thought that touring was all about living with the occasionally uncomfortable event and becoming richer as a result. Indeed, the best teams look upon hindrances as barriers to be overcome and actually emerge stronger. That is why the best teams win away. They do so because in their minds they are ready to travel and look upon it the way they might at a bowler they do not know too much about.
And it seems that with minor changes here and there, date revised...and he can be ready to re-publish it :-) Thanks to one of our regular readers Arun for pointing this out to me.


  • @worma
    hmmm ... abt that michael vaughan piece it is an interesting one. as fielders you are allowed once the ball has been bowled to move in anticipation of the ball coming in some direction. i suppose vaughan could argue that once the ball has left the bowler's hand he is anticipating the direction it will go based on the line.

    However i do remember back in 1997 this controversy had arisen when rajesh chauhan caught aravinda desilva on the hook shot moving backwards once the ball had been bowled. Aravinda was not pleased - apparently he had deliberately tried to clear Chauhan knowing he was in from the boundary.

    This is a real tough onw - should you prevent fielders from moving until the batsman has struck the ball - boy this is not a simple one.

    By Blogger GK, at 07:41  

  • gk, as I know the rule, it says that the movement is unfair before the ball reaches the batsman. So they should not move from the time of delivery till the batsman has played it. Vaughan is showing a lack of basic rules.

    Here, read this.

    By Blogger worma, at 07:52  

  • I will also put it on the main post

    By Blogger worma, at 07:52  

  • and I do remember the DeSilva incident. Was clearly illegal...just escaped the attention of the umpire..and thus Chauhan was saved ;-)

    By Blogger worma, at 07:57  

  • yeah ... it is true ... altho it is difficult for 2 umpires to keep a watch on all fielders !! and esp when it comes to close in catchers for spinners really it is such a close distance that it is made all the more difficult !!

    I think some simple legislation needs to be made on this one that is easy to implement

    By Blogger GK, at 09:03  

  • Wow! Vaughan could find himself in BIG trouble if he tries this trick any further. Not only is it illegal, but it also shows an amazing lack of knowledge of history. This is not the same as the infield walking in during the delivery. This is a major change in a close catching position that is outside the peripheral vision of the batsman. I'm surprised that he hasn't been pulled up already for it.

    So now the Poms are adding sneaky tactics to their whining. How about trying to play some cricket for a change?

    By Blogger Jeetu, at 09:10  

  • Wonder how England will respond if we use their tactic of using the best fielders as substitute and send bowlers off for rest after every spell

    By Blogger Ashvin Iyengar, at 14:15  

  • this is interesting alright.

    To throw something else into the debate, how do you determine when the batsman has played the ball?
    When the ball passes the bat/makes contact with the bat?

    It would be interesting to see Dravid bat, if he gets a chance in the 5th ODI. I know for sure that Sangakarra has anticipated the scoop shot whenever Dravid went down on one knee, and tried to catch him down leg side.

    Note that this has nothing to do with the line which could have been outside off. I think KS "should" have the right, and does, to move when the ball is released. He moves as soon as Dravid shapes to play the sweep, which Dravid does as soon as the bowler releases the ball.

    The question then, is whether the keeper moving 2-3 steps is not significant.

    Regardless, it (what Vaughan is doing) is unfair and should be stopped.

    By Blogger Jiet, at 19:09  

  • jiet, I dont think the keeper moves that much before the ball reaches the batsman....remember good keeping technique??...rise with the ball...so the keeper gets up only after the ball pitches. Anyways...2-3 steps is a significant move, according to the rules

    By Blogger worma, at 19:17  

  • okie... AFAIK, only those fielders who are in the line of sight of the batsman, i.e. point to midwicket/square leg are barred from moving, since any movement would affect the batsman's concentration. I do not know what exactly Vaughan did, but if the batsman is going for a pre-mediated stroke, why should the fielders not react?

    By Blogger anantha, at 01:16  

  • Vaughany has lost the plot I'm afraid, this is blatantly illegal and makes all the noise Duncun was making about England always upholding the spirit of the game seem like total hogwash. Him saying 'I think it was a smart move' is the daftest thing I've heard any one say in a while. I hope the ICC takes a clear cut zero tolerence policy on this. Otherwise I'd be furious.

    KP on the other hand, is a first class fool as one journalist once put it. Nothing more need be said.

    And finally, Inzi is just class - understated humour at its very best.

    By Blogger Zainub, at 16:41  

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