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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The race(-worma)

..is between Lara and McGrath.
McGrath needs three wickets to become the first bowler to take 100 Test wickets against the West Indies while Lara requires 316 to cross Australian captain Allan Border (11174) as the world'’s top Test run-getter.

Both are likely to get there soon, McGrath most likely in this match itself. Who knows, maybe Lara also reaches there in this match ;-)

McGrath speaking, in the above article, on his battle with Lara, which resumes tomorrow.
I am probably up slightly-60-40 at the moment-it is something I really enjoy but I am not sure how Brian sees it

And here's a career profile article on Lara, as it stands on the even of the match.

And here's an interview of Allan Border, on the West Indies prospects in the series. And, is it a bit surprising, that he isn't sticking his neck out with a 3-0 prediction? Are we seeing an overall touch of cautiousness in the whole Aus cricket establishment since the Ashes 'disaster'?
I'll say 2-0 in a good tight series, with the West Indies having their best chance in Brisbane or Adelaide - just depending on conditions in Adelaide. It can get a bit up and down on the last day there, and if West Indies happen to get in a position bowling last, they could cause an upset.

And speaking of cautious approach, Aus deciding to go with Bracken over McGill for the first test. That means a four pace, one spin attack! As I have said earlier, for me McGill was a sure pick(yes, even at Gabba), but anyway Aus may still get away with it. If only because they have the insurance policy of McG+Warne combo.

Allan Border again, explains why Bracken over McGill...and about the debutants in Aus lineup.
I think Stuart will play a majority of the games. The prevailing conditions in Brisbane are very conducive to swing bowling, and I don't know whether you need to fight that - particularly when you've got a left armer in Nathan Bracken. If it was just another right-arm bowler who didn't offer you that variety you might say 'oh well, let's go with the spinner'.

Also read the cricinfo preview of the match. All in all, a good day of cricket coming ahead.


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    By Blogger madhugr, at 05:15  

  • It is wonderful to watch test match match cricket in Australia.Enthusiastic crowds,good bouncy pitches,fantastic australian cricketers worth watching them even when they play against the likes of Bangladesh/Zimbabwe.I just hope WI cricket revives,Lara flourishes there is no better batting to see when Lara is in full flight,their midget sized fast bowlers turn giat killers..Well,, i am looking forward to it.

    By Blogger laks1234, at 06:18  

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    By Blogger Saurabh Wahi, at 06:44  

  • aks,

    Looks like a good series.

    By the way, read you 6 points on the English tour to India. Good stuff...

    By Blogger Saurabh Wahi, at 06:45  

  • laks1234,
    Second your thoughts; nothing quite like Test cricket played on a pitch where there is bounce for the bowlers and conducive to strokeplay since the ball comes on to the bat nicely.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 07:38  

  • Just wondering, if Lara scores less than 316 in this series, whether Tendulkar could break Border's record first. Tendulkar would have 9 tests to score a little over 1000 runs. Improbable, but not impossible.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 08:12  

  • BTW,
    off topic,
    Kaif fit to play for Central Zone and Ganguly will once agains lead East Zone, this time against the pathetic Zimbabwe President's XI, a near full-strength Zimbabwe, which lost by an innings to North Zone. Some would say, terrific opportunity for Ganguly to bolster his credentials for retaining his spot in the Test side.

    By Blogger Sahir, at 08:17  

  • Read Ranatunga's article in Sify. He is ascribing the Indian team's turn around to the new found replaceability of all players in the team - everyone's spot is under heavy competition. If this is going to be the state of affairs for sometime to come (meaning DHoni etc dont sit back for the next five matches after playing a matchwinning knock, waiting for the pressure to build-up before hitting another big one) then I daresay complacency will be the least of our worries. Otherwise it is bye-bye wc2007.
    Btw Arjuna is doomcasting a 7-0 drubbing of SL.

    By Blogger Gardhabh, at 08:47  

  • Thanks guys for the appreciation of some of my views.Like you,i am one of those sold on this great game of cricket.I look forward to seeing outstanding crickers perform.I feel great when i see the high back lift of Lara swoosh through the chest high ball and send it packing to boundary.In the same way a Saqlain doosra or a Ali Brown (yester year) hit through the line of a fast bowler sending it roaring over the mid off or on boundary.Top class cricketers where ever they come from are a joy to watch.But what i hate to see is their selfishness and negativeness.That is one reason i always found Aussies great to watch whether they play in their country or abroad.None of the other teams have even 50% of their positiveness,risk taking or gung ho in your face approach.Inspite of poor form,injuries and luck not favouring them one bit in the recent ashes series, they made one hell of a fight.At the end of defeat there is not a bit of backbiting,finger pointing or excuses.They took it on the chin, went back to basics and started correcting whatever shortcomings.This to me is a fabulous approach.

    By Blogger laks1234, at 10:13  

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    By Blogger Hoodia, at 20:28  

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