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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

More from the elections(-worma)

And then there are these 'right' noises from 'the camp'(as read here and here)
Farooq Abdullah, one of Pawar's closest supporters and former chief minister of Kashmir, promised a new transparency in the way Indian cricket is run.
And he also said they would be keen to work with Dalmiya an an attempt to end factionalism, adding: "We dont want Dalmiya to feel defeated, he has been a great administrator and we want his expertise and hope he will cooperate with us."
"A man like Dalmiya, with such a vast experience of running cricket affairs, will always have utility for the BCCI," Shah said after Sharad Pawar upstaged incumbent Ranbir Singh Mahendra to become the new president.
One would be almost forgiven for thinking there was a smooth transition of power! And this part also worth highlighting in Niranjan Shah's interview
On Sourav Ganguly's fate, he said, "It will be decided by the selection committee and it is not that he will be opted out just because Pawar holds the reins."


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