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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Next please (-worma)

This Aussie-SA match is way too much on the post-Ashes predictable lines. Aus batting messes up...bowlers (Warne, Lee mainly) come to the rescue...then Aussie batting recovers a bit second time around (well if you get a first innings lead, and have Warne, McGill waiting you don't need too many runs to defend) and then the bowling turns on the screws. Again.

Symonds finally gets some diamond-studded runs to his name, although this would just be enough to buy him a bit more time, not really remove the shadows of doubts. Taking a few wickets is not actually hurting his cause either.

SA batting has been really disappointing (not that they could have chased 300+ against Warne and co.) with their captain leading the way.

Another case of a good team meeting the best in business, and failing. Just not good enough.


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