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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

From across the border

Imran Khan has put the favourites tag on Pakistan for its series against India. I always love it when former players do this and are then proven wrong. He has a point when he says the wintry conditions will benefit Pakistani bowlers. But I wonder what will happen if our bowlers get the better conditions against a Pakistan line up that, barring a couple of batsmen are suspect against the moving ball. I feel Pathan will be licking his lips and Agarkar is dangerous when he gets a little help from the enviroment. To top it, Zaheer Khan has been in top form during the last couple of months and will be raring to prove a thing or two.
He also has something to say about the way Board matters are conducted in Pakistan.
Imran, however, lashed out at the functioning of the Pakistan Cricket Board, saying it was time to put in place a democratically-elected board as in Australia and India.
"There is one-man show in PCB. One man is taking all the decisions. By the way, what are the qualifications of present board officials who are working on ad hoc basis." He said since the PCB did not have a constitution, it made it easier to avoid accountability. "The constitution ensures accountability for irregularities and transparency in affairs," he said

Oh how little he knows, especially about the Constitution part!!

Moin Khan states the obvious when he says Ganguly willl be under pressure in Pakistan. Perhaps, it is part of the mental disintegration tactics that everyone in today's cricket employs. But is he making these statements as a former test player empathizing with one of his kind or as a dumped player trying to make a comeback? If it is the latter, he has taken the right steps by praising Inzy's captaincy too. BTW, wicket keepers think alike. He reminded me of one More when he said
if Sourav is in the team, he has to be in the playing lineup than being on the substitute bench

PCB may ask the ICC for a replacement for Darrell Hair for the last two tests against India. So, what happens if the ICC refuse this? After all, if every country starts to ask for umpires of their choice, the ICC will be in a fix. The PCB should have done this with some tact. Now that this request is out in the open (from an unnamed Board source, who else), they run the risk of playing host to an unhappy Hair. Of course, if Steve Bucknor replaces Hair, it'll be taking home advantage to another level.
The cricket board also wants to appoint neutral umpires for all ODIs too. They are waiting for approval from our board.


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