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Monday, December 26, 2005

Outboxed (-worma)

I committed a mistake that toney pointed to earlier the day....with Aus cruising at 200 odd for 3 down...I decided to choose the sleep option. And it turns out that the Aus lineup crashed 'again'! This time too the saving grace was Ponting who, along with Warne, seems to be carrying the mantle of the 'old' Aussie team. Lets see later tomorrow if McGrath is willing to lend a hand in support (its a heavy mantle, isn't it)

It does look like the first real test of the post-ashes shake-up is turning out to be an eye-opener for a lot of people down under (and up over as well). Symonds once again refused to be the 'all-rounder' that the selectors want to force down the throats of Aus fans.

Nel tore through the middle order late in the day...and until I watched, he was bowling aggressively with purpose...but he did display signs of cat-got-the-tongue syndrome as far as his verbal antics were concerned. Maybe those are reserved for the Indians? Or did he indulge, someone watched?


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