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Monday, December 05, 2005

A good story(-worma)

..is one which makes you sit up and take notice, right? No matter what means are employed. This one, in today's IE, falls in that category. Right from the title - Dravid, Greg let Ganguly into team India - down to the last paragraph which is..ehh...'amusing', to say the least..it is a typical example of the media stoking the fire (or rather dead ashes in this case) to keep some 'circulation' going.
Two steps forward, three steps back? Or, is Ganguly better than these two tyros?

If so, what are they (Yuvi and Kaif) doing in the team? If they can't bat better than an ageing Sourav what good are they? They have been around for a long time and if they haven't proved themselves yet, time to look elsewhere?
I guess, for some people, the concept of bench strength is too much to comprehend?


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